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    IRS scam call taxes

    • IRS scam calls are a normal occurrence around tax season, unfortunately.
    • Every year, the IRS warns taxpayers to beware of a long list of tax scams.
    • The latest phone scam alleges there is "fraud and misconduct" associated with your taxes and urges you to return the call "immediately."

    The IRS isn't exactly modern.

    If it needs to get in touch with a taxpayer, it sends a letter— not an email, not a phone call, and definitely not a message over social media. Especially in cases of tax fraud.

    So when I got a voicemail admonishing me for supposed issues with the tax return I filed this year, I knew it had to be the latest IRS phone scam.

    A phone number from Washington, DC, called me and left a voicemail when I didn't answer.

    It was an automated message that said:

    "Time sensitive and urgent ... we found that there was a fraud and misconduct on your tax which you are hiding from federal government. This needs to be rectified immediately, so please return the call as soon as you receive the message."

    It told me to return the call to the same DC-area phone number displayed on my caller ID. It's pretty clear this was a scam call, if not for the simple reason that the caller did not identify themselves as someone from the IRS. Also, as previously mentioned, the IRS prefers snail mail.

    This is a sophisticated step in the latest tax scam Americans need to watch out for, according to the IRS. Scammers file a fake tax return with stolen personal information, like your Social Security number, and then use actual bank account information to have the refund deposited into your own account.

    Then they call to collect, posing as the IRS or debt collectors demanding the return of the fraudulent tax refund. In some cases, the caller threatens criminal fraud charges, an arrest warrant, and to "blacklist" the taxpayer's Social Security Number.

    What to do if you receive an IRS scam call or a fraudulent tax refund

    Never return a phone call from someone claiming to be with the IRS. Instead, individuals should call the IRS directly at 800-829-1040, and businesses should call 800-829-4933.

    The US Department of Justice says the IRS never discusses personal tax issues through unsolicited emails or texts, or over social media. Always be wary if you are contacted by someone claiming to be from the IRS who says you owe money.

    If you receive an unexpected and suspicious email from the IRS, forward it to

    If you think you are a victim of identity theft or tax fraud, you should report it to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. The IRS also has detailed instructions on what to do if you are a victim of tax fraud. Taxpayers who receive a fraudulent tax refund should follow IRS guidelines for returning the money

    File as soon as possible to protect against other IRS scams

    Since tax season presents plenty of opportunity for would-be identity thieves, the best way to protect against these IRS scam calls and other tax scams — especially potential identity theft — is to file your tax return as soon as possible, after you receive your tax forms from your employer in January.

    The IRS says the fastest way to get your tax refund is the method already used by most taxpayers: filing electronically and selecting direct deposit as the method for receiving your refund.

    Popular online tax services like TurboTax and H&R Block are easy to use, even for tax novices. If you plan to visit an accountant, make an appointment early to avoid the rush.

    The IRS says direct deposit — which the government also uses for Social Security and Veterans Affairs payments — is "simple, safe, and secure."

    SEE ALSO: Tax scams are on the rise — here's which states are most and least at risk for identity theft

    DON'T MISS: Last year my tax refund was stolen — here's what you should do so it doesn't happen to you

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    Part of having a healthy sex life is knowing when not to have sex, be it for your mental or physical health, or that of your partner. We spoke to some experts on sex and sexual health about the times you should really abstain from having sex for emotional or physical reasons.

    If you're healing from a UTI, hold off.

    When you're at the height of a UTI, you're probably too uncomfortable to be in the mood. But even once you start to feel better, you probably shouldn't jump back in the sack right away.

    According to Diana Rodriguez at Everyday Health, you should wait until you've finished your antibiotics and have been symptom-free for at least two weeks. Otherwise, you run the risk of worsening the UTI before it's fully gone, as well as causing yourself pain or discomfort. When seeking treatment for a UTI or any other kind of infection or ailment down there, talk to your doctor about when you can safely resume your normal sexual activities.

    Getting a bikini wax can make skin sensitive.

    Getting a bikini wax can make your skin sensitive. That's why experts recommend waiting 24 hours after getting a fresh wax to have sex to give yourself plenty of time to heal. 

    Sex during pregnancy is usually fine, barring a few exceptions.

    Normally, sex during pregnancy is safe because the fetus is protected by its amniotic sac and a mucus plug that blocks the cervix. According to Dr. Laura Riley at, however, there are a few conditions that could threaten those safeguards, including ruptured membranes, abnormal location or movement of the placenta, a cervix that opens prematurely, certain STIs, or a history of premature labor.

    If you're pregnant, be sure to communicate with your doctor to ensure there's no reason you should abstain from sex during your pregnancy.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Elsa Hosk  walks the runway at the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

    Victoria's Secret recently unveiled its 2018 Dream Angels Fantasy Bra. Extravagant might not even be the right word for it; decked in responsibly-sourced topaz and 2,100 Swarovski diamonds, the undergarment boasts a lofty price tag of $1 million. 

    Just in case you don't have that kind of money to splash, you might want to look to H&M's new collaboration with Moschino for a cheaper dupe. 

    The H&M x Moschino capsule isn't exactly affordable, but it features a bustier that's freakishly similar to the $1 million Victoria’s Secret piece.

    Another year, another unsprisingly non-diverse #VSFashionShow . Although, this year’s Fantasy Bra, designed by Atelier Swarovski and made of synthetic lab-grown diamonds, is valued at $1 million... it’s a relative bargain compared to past seasons which were valued upwards of $10 million. Well, if you’re lewkin 4 the lewk for can get the @hm x @moschino one now for $199 lol. Otherwise, if you’re striving for authenticity, VS is releasing a budget version for the first time (priced at $250) on November 29th. Insta-thots, will you cop this drop? • #victoriassecret #victoriassecretfashionshow #elsahosk #underwear #lingerie #intimates #fantasybra #diamondbra #bra #bralette #sparkle #bling #rhinestones #crystals #swarovski #vsmodel #model #wiwt #ootd #hm #moschino #dietprada

    A post shared by Diet Prada ™ (@diet_prada) on Nov 8, 2018 at 8:43pm PST on

    As spotted by fashion Instagrammer Diet Prada, the silver Rhinestone-covered Bustier by H&M and Moschino comes in sizes zero through 10 and costs just $199. 

    Read more:H&M just launched a collaboration with Moschino — here are the coolest items you can buy

    It's still pretty pricey for a H&M piece, but is a steal in comparison with the VS version, which is 5,025 times more expensive. 

    This isn't the type of garment that's destined to stay hidden beneath your clothes. Wear it loud and proud with the knowledge that you paid only 0.02% for it. 

    Visit INSIDER's homepage for more.

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    LaGuardia Reuters.JPG

    • Amazon announced on Tuesday that it will bring part of its second headquarters, HQ2, to New York City.
    • The headquarters will be located in Long Island City, which is a neighborhood of Queens.
    • The city's pitch to Amazon highlighted Long Island City's proximity to LaGuardia Airport, which has a reputation for being one of the worst airports in the US.
    • 2018 study of more than 40,000 travelers by JD Power found that respondents were less satisfied with their experiences at LaGuardia than at any other large or medium airport in North America.


    Amazon announced on Tuesday that it will bring part of its second headquarters, HQ2, to New York City. The headquarters will be located in Long Island City, a neighborhood of Queens, and the city's pitch to Amazon highlighted Long Island City's proximity to LaGuardia Airport, which has a reputation for being one of the worst airports in the US.

    According to the proposal, it takes 15 minutes to travel from Long Island City to LaGuardia by car and 45 minutes to get there by public transit. But HQ2 employees could find their relatively quick commutes outweighed by the airport's cramped, dirty, and poorly-lit terminals, as well as its narrow pick-up and drop-off areas.

    While renovations to the airport's terminals, parking system, and drop-off and pick-up areas are underway, the airport is sorely lacking in its current state, according to a 2018 study of more than 40,000 travelers by JD Power, which found that respondents were less satisfied with their experiences at LaGuardia than at any other large or medium airport in North America.

    I used LaGuardia when I flew to Chicago in December 2017 and realized why its reputation is so horrible.

    Here's why being close to LaGuardia may not be a huge perk for part of Amazon's new headquarters.

    SEE ALSO: I've lived near Long Island City for more than a decade. Here's why an Amazon HQ2 in Queens may be a disaster.

    Part of Amazon's second headquarters will be located in Long Island City.

    New York City's proposal to Amazon highlighted Long Island City's proximity to LaGuardia Airport.

    But LaGuardia has a reputation for being one of the worst airports in the US, which I understood firsthand when I used it to fly to Chicago in December 2017.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    American Airlines Dallas Airbus A321

    • Black Friday is perhaps the single most famous and historically important day of the year for retailers in the US.
    • Major airlines such as Delta and Ryanair have also begun to offer discounted flights and vacation packages on Black Friday. 
    • Most airlines are expected to begin posting their Black Friday deals a day or two before Thanksgiving. 

    Black Friday is perhaps the single most famous and historically important day of the year for retailers in the US. Last year, retailers did $5 billion in Black Friday business just in online sales alone.

    However, the Friday after Thanksgiving is more than just cheap TVs and discounted laptops. Airlines have been jumping into the fray with tempting deals of their own. 

    Everyone from full-service carriers such as American and Delta to ultra-low-cost operators like Ryanair and WOW Air have hinted at deeply discounted fares.

    Based on the deals airlines offered last year, they'll probably be worth the wait.

    For example, in 2017, WOW Air offered $100 one way flights between the US and Europe while Ryanair knocked 20% off their normal prices. 

    In addition, there will also be deals on vacation packages consisting of both flights and hotel accommodations. Last year, Southwest cut the prices of their vacation packages by up to $250 for Black Friday. 

    This year, airlines are expected to start posting Black Friday flight deals a day or two before Thanksgiving which falls on November 23.

    Here links to a few airline deals pages you should probably keep tabs on. 

    Click here for Delta Air Lines deals.

    Click here for American Airlines deals.

    Click here for United Airlines deals

    Click here for Ryanair deals.

    Click here for Cathay Pacific deals.

    Click here for Southwest Airlines deals.

    Click here for Southwest Airlines Vacation deals

    Click here for Alaska Airlines deals.

    Click here WOW Air deals.

    Click here for Emirates deals.

    Click here for Norwegian Air deals

    Click here for Virgin Atlantic deals

    SEE ALSO: The 20 safest airlines in the world

    FOLLOW US: On Facebook for more car and transportation content!

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    long island city

    • Amazon has finally announced the winners of its second headquarters project, HQ2, which will be split between two locations: Long Island City in Queens, New York, and the National Landing area of Arlington, Virginia.
    • Amazon said it will invest $5 billion and create more than 50,000 jobs between the two locations.
    • New York City laid out the terms for its new neighbor in a document that was published online on Tuesday.

    The battle for HQ2 is finally over.

    On Tuesday, in a blog post, Amazon named the two winners of its HQ2 project: Long Island City in Queens, New York, and the newly formed National Landing area of Arlington, Virginia.

    The much-anticipated news comes after a year-long search that started with 238 proposals that were whittled down to a short list of 20 sites at the beginning of the year. 

    Read more: Amazon officially announces its HQ2 will be split between New York and Virginia

    Amazon had initially said it planned to invest over $5 billion and accommodate as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs with its new HQ2. As a result, cities and states leaped at the chance to win over the e-commerce giant, putting together proposals for suitable sites and even offering tax incentives to sweeten the deal.  

    New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo even said he'd change his name to Amazon Cuomo to woo the company. 

    On Tuesday, both Cuomo and New York City's Mayor Bill de Blasio praised Amazon's decision to pick New York.

    "New York City is about to get tens of thousands of new, good paying jobs and Amazon is about to meet the most talented work force in the world in one of the most diverse places on the planet. Welcome to Queens, #HQ2," de Blasio wrote on Twitter

    "When I took office, I said we would build a new New York State – one that is fiscally responsible and fosters a business climate that is attractive to growing companies and the industries of tomorrow ... New York can proudly say that we have attracted one of the largest, most competitive economic development investments in U.S. history," Cuomo said in Amazon's blog post. 

    The exact terms of New York's deal with Amazon had been laid out in a series of documents, signed by The City of New York, two city organizations, and a representative of Amazon. These documents were published online on Tuesday.

    Here are the biggest takeaways:

    Where will the new headquarters be?

    • The new headquarters will be located close to the waterfront in Long Island City, between 46th Avenue and 44th Road. 
    • The new offices will occupy four million square feet of space, with the opportunity to expand to eight million square feet in the future. 
    • The offices will be housed in a mix of private and public buildings including the office of the Department of Education, which will be relocated from Vernon Boulevard. 
    • Once the city has agreed to Amazon's design proposals, construction will begin within 12 months.
    • Amazon has agreed to donate space on its campus for a tech startup incubator and for use by artists and industrial businesses. It has also agreed to donate a site for a new primary or intermediary public school.
    • The company will also invest in infrastructure improvements and new green spaces.

    long island city

    How many employees will Amazon hire?

    • Amazon will hire 25,000 people within the next 10 years. It said that these employees would have an average annual wage of $150,000. The hiring kicks off with 700 people, who will join the new offices in 2019. 
    • If Amazon grows the headquarters in the future, around 40,000 people could be hired in total. 

    How much will Amazon invest in the local community?

    • In total, Amazon will invest nearly $3.7 billion over the next 15 years. 
    • This includes a $5 million investment in funding workforce development initiatives, including technology training programs and internships for local students. 

    What tax incentives will Amazon receive?

    • If Amazon keeps up to its end of the bargain by creating 25,000 jobs, it is eligible to receive direct incentives of $1.525 billion. These are rebates on tax paid on employees salaries and reimbursements for building the new offices. 

    The extras

    • One of Amazon's key requests is to have a helipad at both headquarters. In the terms, the city agreed to help secure access to an alternative helipad if it is unable to build its own at HQ. 

    Long Island City

    Read more about Amazon's HQ2:

    SEE ALSO: We walked around Long Island City, the New York neighborhood where Amazon is planning to bring HQ2, and saw why it'd be appealing to the e-commerce giant

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    It's a given that the stores and restaurants we visit in the US usually have the goods we're looking for. That's thanks largely to the worldwide $1.45 trillion logistics industry that makes sure finished products arrive on store shelves or on our doorsteps. 

    This year brought unexpected challenges to the logistics industry, particularly in trucking, which moves 71% of the freight in the US. Truck drivers have been in short supply. Trucks themselves were on a months-long backlog. And that was all matched by a much more vibrant domestic economy in which Americans were simply ordering more stuff.

    "It's taken for granted that the system will function effectively and efficiently, and in most cases it does,"Don Ake, vice president at freight-equipment research group FTR, told Business Insider. 

    "But it got overrun in 2018," Ake added.

    And, as a result, trucking became more expensive at certain points this year than ever recorded.

    van rates

    The jumps in freight rates are record-breaking, Ake said. He forecasted that, by the end of the year, 2018 rates will be 13% higher than 2017 rates.

    "If freights are up 13%, then the cost for shippers would be up that amount," Ake told Business Insider. "That's a 13% increase in your transportation costs. That's significant enough that companies are going to pass some of that increase on to customers."

    Read more: The trucking industry is growing so fast that truck manufacturers are 'struggling' to keep up with new orders

    Some companies did make their goods more expensive, and others plan to add further price increases in 2019. Food and beverage companies have been among the most affected.

    "If retailers want to keep goods on schedule, they either have to be buying premium transportation or they have to wait longer,"Mark Montague, senior industry pricing analyst at DAT Solutions, previously told Business Insider.

    Consumer goods are getting more expensive

    Hugh F. Johnston, PepsiCo vice chairman, executive VP and CFO, said price increases in the company's offerings were due in part to transportation costs — particularly products in the beverage division, like Pepsi, Aquafina, and Gatorade. 

    In a call to investors, Johnston noted that "...beverages [have] been more exposed to the driver shortage and the impact in terms of transport cost... And there is some wage inflation in the driver pool as well."

    Mondelez, the producer of Oreos, Chips Ahoy!, Nabisco, and other consumer goods, said in an October earnings call that they will raise the price of products "across the line" for the same reasons. 

    Hershey's will also increase chocolate prices next year as transportation becomes more expensive, and executives noted that 2018's tight transportation market isn't set to make big improvements next year. Coca-Cola upped its prices due to transport costs, as well. 

    truck driver

    Procter & Gamble will up costs in 2019 as well. Dish soap, toothpaste and other oral care products, and personal care offerings like deodorants, will see a price hike in early 2019.

    "(T)he transportation market, particularly in the U.S., has presented us with some challenges as the year progressed," Jon Moeller, Procter & Gamble CFO, said in a July earnings call.

    Earlier this year, General Mills, Hormel Foods, and Tyson Foods all said they would increase prices because of trucking bottlenecks. As Business Insider previously reported, Amazon increased the cost of its Prime membership by 20% in April, partially because of increased shipping costs

    What's more, these aren't likely to be the last price increases we will see. Truck manufacturers are still catching up to new truck orders — and the driver shortage is still significant.  

    "In 2019, we will start overrun, and we will be scrambling to catch up," Ake said.

    Have you noticed an interesting trend in logistics that no one is talking about? Contact the author at

    SEE ALSO: Truck drivers' salaries are experiencing an 'unprecedented' jump, but it's not enough to end the driver shortage that's making everything more expensive

    DON'T MISS: There's a shortage of truckers and it's forcing the C-suite to dramatically rethink how they transport goods

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    trump macron

    • President Donald Trump insulted France and French President Emmanuel Macron over his idea for what he calls a "real European army."
    • But some are convinced Macron's idea is "illusory,""counterproductive," or just plain "nonsense."
    • Europe already has the EU and NATO to help coordinate defense.
    • Macron said the "real" European army would protect the continent against the US, without explaining why it needed defense against a treaty ally. 
    • An expert told Business Insider Macron may just want the broader coalition to continue its military efforts in its former colonies under a less conspicuous EU flag. 

    President Donald Trump insulted France and French President Emmanuel Macron over his idea for what he calls a "real European army," but some are convinced the idea is "illusory,""counterproductive," or just plain "nonsense."

    In early November, a coalition of 10 countries ready to react to crises launched in Europe, but much of Europe already belongs to an established military alliance — NATO.

    Read more: Trump mocks France's World War II record as relations with Macron deteriorate into confrontation

    While Trump has fiercely criticized the alliance, European leaders have clung to it as an important guardian of peace and an essential force to counter Russian aggression after the 2014 annexation of Crimea. 

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who recently announced her looming withdrawal from politics, threw her support behind Macron's idea, using his words "a real European" army, on Thursday.

    Macron said the alliance would protect Europe "with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America," but the US is a treaty ally, and he didn't explain why he'd like to defend against a country he already extensively shares intelligence and bases with. 

    Business Insider asked Anand Menon, a Chatham House expert and a professor of European politics at Kings College London to help make sense of Macron's idea, but even he could not.

    A 'nonsense' army that never deploys

    macron merkel

    "The notion of a European army... it's nonsense," said Menon. "If you mean anything like what most people mean by an army, it’s nonsense."

    The European Union already oversees a group of 28 small countries and works to help them integrate economically and militarily. The countries, mostly NATO members, already train together and, with EU help, standardize practices.

    But as Menon points out, "at the margins, there’s loses of a country's autonomy." If small European countries pool resources for a joint venture, like an air transport fleet for example, they lose the ability to use that fleet whenever they want, Menon said.

    Importantly, the cooperation that happens today is bottom up, or with countries individually choosing to cooperate on projects and then creating a leadership structure to facilitate that. But a European army is "much more top down," said Menon. 

    "A European commander tells European troops when to go to war... it's absolutely not happening," said Menon. 

    While European countries may be unnerved by Trump's NATO-skepticism, their individual security needs and wants only really align on deterring war with Russia. Otherwise, each of the 28 EU members really have different goals, and Menon says it's almost impossible that the countries could ever agree on an objective. 

    Read more: Trump torches allies, threatens NATO pullout after tense WWI memorial trip to Paris

    "Given divergent national interests such a force, if created, would certainly almost never be deployed,"Franz Stefan-Gady, an Austrian-born military analyst tweeted. "[S]uch a force will just create additional layers" of red tape, wrote Stefan-Gady. 

    "The EU can bring together foreign policy, policing policy, and intelligence coordination. If EU states want to have genuine coordination for security," doing that within the EU "would make sense," said Menon.

    "But it doesn’t make sense to spend money twice," as the EU countries already do those tasks within the EU and NATO, Menon said. 

    "Apart from the fact that we do not want that, we can not do that"

    ISIS france charles-de-gaulle military

    It's entirely unlikely that Germany, or anyone else, is really game for Macron's plan. Germany is "rather suspicious of French initiatives," said Menon.

    France has one of the bigger and more active militaries in Europe. While Germany may be up for increasing cooperation and forging closer ties, Macron's vision has "been about sending troops to places, and that the Germans aren’t so keen on," said Menon.

    "Germans are worried about being instrumentalized by the French as the French send troops off to their former colonies," in Africa, said Menon. "There is a suspicion that the reason why France is so into EU defense cooperation is it allows France to do what it wants to under an EU flag."

    A Reuters report quoted German military personnel as generally saying of Macron's initiatives :"Apart from the fact that we do not want that, we can not do that."

    Instead, many have suggested that if Macron wants to protect Europe, he can focus on protecting the EU and NATO, as many European leaders and former US officials have all but begged Trump to do. 

    Arnaud Danjean, a member of the foreign and defense committee at the European parliament, basically said turning away from NATO to create a slogan-heavy new force amounted to little more than a dream. 

    "Pragmatic advances and patient construction with those who are ready and willing for a political convergence in defense are infinitely preferable to totally illusory and even counterproductive slogans and incantations," said Danjean. 

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    TheInsider Picksteam writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    Since you don't have all day to scour the web for noteworthy sales and discounts, we rounded up the best bargains for you to shop in one convenient place.

    DNA Testing 23andMe

    1. Save up to $50 on 23andMe DNA Test Kits

    23andMe won't be able to give you all of the answers, but the popular DNA test will be able to tell you more about your heritage than most of us know off the top of our heads. All you need to do is provide a saliva sample using the tools you'll find in this kit and send it back to 23andMe for testing. Within six to eight weeks you'll receive your results, and you'll be able to prove where you come from once and for all. Originally priced at $99 each, you can get one kit for $69 or two or more kits for $49 each. If you're looking to give the gift of discovering ancestry this holiday season, you'll want to stock up now.

    Shop the 23andMe DNA Kit sale now.

    Nordstrom Rack

    2. Save up to 77% on women's down jackets and fur coats at Nordstrom Rack

    For a limited time, Nordstrom Rack is having a big sale on women's down jackets, fur coats, and faux fur coats. Marked up to 77% off, the selection includes some really great styles from Cole Haan, Michael Kors, Opening Ceremony, Ralph Lauren, and more. With winter coming up, you'll want to take advantage of the deal before it ends.

    Shop the outerwear sale at Nordstrom Rack now.


    3. Save an extra 30% on sale styles at Bonobos

    Any guy looking to add a few new pieces to his fall wardrobe should head over to Bonobos. For a limited time, you can save an extra 30% on fall styles that have been recently added to the sale section with the promo code "SUPERSALE" at checkout. With everything from sweaters, sweatshirts, and dress shirts, to jeans and outerwear, you'll find a lot of great basics on sale.

    Shop the Bonobos sale now.


    4. Save 50% on a Cuisinart Multiclad Cookware Set

    With the Thanksgiving just over a week away, now is a perfect time to refresh your kitchen with new cookware. The Cuisinart Multiclad Cookware Set includes a 2.5-quart saucepan with lid, a 4-quart saute pan with helper and cover, 6-quart stockpot with cover, an 8-inch skillet, and a 10-inch skillet. As an Amazon Deal of the Day, you can save up 50% on the cookware set.

    Cuisinart Multiclad 8-Piece Cookware Set, $129.99 (Originally $260) [You save $130.01]

    apple macbook pro with touchbar

    5. Save $800 on a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

    B&H Photo and Video is known as the go-to shop for all things cameras, but the retailer has a wide selection of other electronics, and one of its current best deals is on the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. With a 15-inch display, 16 GB of ram and 512 GB of storage, it's fully capable of handling photo and video editing programs as well as everyday tasks like surfing the web. Right now, you can save $800 on the 2017 model 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar at B&H.

    Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro 512 GB with Touch Bar, $2,199 (Originally $2,999) [You save $800] 


    6. Save 20% on one full-priced item at Backcountry

    Right now, you can save 20% on one full-priced item at Backcountry by using the promo code "Take20November" at checkout. While most outdoor sales going on this time of year include past-season items that might not be as useful during the current season, this is a great opportunity to get the latest and greatest gear for winter at a lower price.

    Shop outdoor apparel and gear at Backcountry now.


    7. Save up to 30% on outdoor gear and apparel at REI

    REI is the one-stop shop for all outdoor camping and hiking gear, and right now is the best time to save big. Now through November 19, you can save up to 30% on a huge selection of products. The sale includes clothing, outerwear, footwear, essential camping gear, and more.

    Shop the REI sale now.


    8. Save up to 50% sitewide at Twillory

    With 100% formaldehyde-free, non-iron SafeCotton and Performance dress shirts, Twillory makes modern dress shirts any man can appreciate. While the brand's shirts are more affordable than competitors year-round, the early Black Friday sale is an even better deal. Originally priced at $99 each, you can now get individual shirts for $84.99 or for as low as $48.99 when you buy four or more.

    Shop the Twillory Black Friday Blowout sale now.

    bear mattress

    9. Save $200 on the all-new Bear Hybrid Mattress

    Bear revolutionized the way we sleep by creating a mattress that supports every body type and sleeping style. The startup's newest mattresses, the Bear Hybrid Mattress, is an even more luxurious take on the traditional mattress that combines foam and coil technologies. As part of the company's Veteran's Day sale, you can save $200 on orders of $1,200 or more using the promo code "VET200" or $100 on orders of $500 or more using the promo code "VET100" at checkout.

    Shop the Bear Hybrid Mattress in queen, king, and California king sizes now.

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    Legends Tupac 2PAC Feat Marilyn Monroe_6d9c1d42 9236 4143 81e9 a67a2e65c85e_800x_crop_center

    • A 13-year-old girl got in trouble at school for a dress code violation, her mom says.
    • At the time, she was wearing a shirt that showed Marilyn Monroe's shoulders.
    • School officials took issue with the picture of Monroe on the sweatshirt.
    • When confronted, school officials said that the girl's outfit didn't actually violate the dress code. 
    • Now, the Weber School District said they are investigating the incident. 

    Trends come and go, but middle school girls' love of Marilyn Monroe has withstood the test of time. That's why a 13-year-old student in South Ogden, Utah, didn't think twice about wearing a shirt depicting the icon to school on Wednesday.

    But at some point during the school day, a South Ogden Junior High School employee insisted that the 13-year-old girl change, claiming the shirt violated the school's dress code, her mother Katie Fabert told a local Fox affiliate.

    monroe sweatshirt

    Fabert said her daughter was told by an employee to change into a South Ogden Junior High t-shirt but could not offer any further explanation for what happened.

    "She basically just said, 'I got dress coded for this shirt,'" Fabert said.

    The next day, Fabert went to the school to get to the bottom of it all, and met with the school's vice principal about the situation. That's when she found out it wasn't her daughter's outfit that was in violation exactly — it was the outfit that Monroe was depicted wearing on the sweatshirt that school officials took issue with — primarily because the screen legend's shoulders were exposed.

    Fabert and her daughter were in disbelief, she told Fox 13. She said they tried to challenge the decision, but things became hostile.

    "He just got kind of in [my daughter's] face, and I just kind of looked over at her —and she just looked like she was on the verge of tears,"Fabert said. "I was like, 'Alright let's go.'"

    Later, the school's principal called to let Fabert know that this had all been a mistake. The sweatshirt, in fact, did not violate dress code and he planned to go over the school's dress code with his staff.

    mornoe swearshirt 2

    But Fabert thinks the whole situation really spiraled out of control.

    "Instead of enforcing what is actually dress code ... these teachers are coming in and bringing their own opinion," she said.

    In a statement provided to Fox 13 at the time, the Weber School District said that it is investigating the situation.

    "We did have an issue yesterday with a student wearing a shirt that an employee thought was in a violation of the dress code. The student was asked to wear something different," the statement said. "The principal is in the process of reviewing that decision. We will work closely with the student and their family to appropriately resolve the matter."

    Read more: A college student was reprimanded by gym staff after showing up in a crop top to workout

    The Utah mom said her daughter just wants to wear her Monroe apparel, and says she has several sweatshirts depicting the icon.

    "This whole thing just got out of hand," Fabert said. "It was a sweater, and they made it something... and she felt bad. I mean, it's something that she really loved."

    Recently, across the US, students and parents have said that school dress codes have gone too far. In October, a 16-year-old girl was told that leggings and a T-shirt was "inappropriate" for school. Last summer, a teen created a petition protesting her school's "sexist" dress code after she had to retake her school picture because an off-the-shoulder top exposed her shoulders. Another high school student used her yearbook quote to point out the irony of her school's dress code prohibiting off-the-shoulder shirts, but requiring shoulder-exposing black shawls for yearbook pics.

    The Weber School District didn't immediately return INSIDER's request for comment.

    Visit INSIDER's homepage for more.

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    NOW WATCH: This chartered accountant quit his job to make vegan chocolates after temporarily losing his eyesight

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    orlando bloom

    Three major wildfires continue to blaze across California. Two of them, the Woolsey and Hill fires, are near Los Angeles, and the Woolsey Fire is burning through Malibu.

    The damage is already devastating. At least 29 people have been killed in the Camp Fire, farther north in the state, and the property damage will amount to billions of dollars once everything has been accounted for.

    A number of celebrities living in the Los Angeles and Malibu areas have evacuated their houses, including Miley Cyrus and members of the Kardashian family. Many of them don't know if they've lost their houses in the fires.

    But some celebrities — including Orlando Bloom, Gerard Butler, and Lady Gaga — have had their houses completely or partially burned to the ground. Many of them had only lived in those houses for just a few years before losing them.

    Here are seven celebrity houses destroyed by the fire — and what they looked like before.

    Gerard Butler bought his Point Dume house in May 2016.

    The home, which is split into two compounds, cost Butler $6.45 million.

    On Sunday, he showed its skeletal remains.

    Butler returned to his house on Sunday. He found it completely destroyed and posted a photo of the devastation on Instagram.

    "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Camille Grammer also has a house in Malibu.

    She's had the house on and off the market since 2012.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    general electric

    • General Electric announced Tuesday plans to accelerate the reduction of its stake in Baker Hughes, an oilfield-services provider.
    • GE will sell as many as 166.2 million Baker Hughes shares, which could raise $4 billion based on Monday's closing price, according to a statement.
    • CEO Larry Culp told CNBC Monday that he would cut the company's leverage by selling assets.
    • Watch General Electric trade live.

    General Electric jumped as much as 8% Tuesday after the company announced plans to slash its stake in the oilfield-services provider Baker Hughes.

    GE will sell as many as 101.2 million Baker Hughes shares through a secondary offering and Baker Hughes has agreed to buy back another 65 million shares in a private transaction, according to a statementBased on Baker Hughes' Monday closing price of $23.64, the total sale would raise $4 billion. After the result, GE will retain about half of the Houston-based company.

    General Electric bought Baker Hughes in July 2017, merging it with all of GE's oil and gas-related businesses to create the world’s second-largest oilfield service provider by revenue. GE owns 62.5% of the new entity and paid Baker Hughes shareholders a special dividend of $7.4 billion when the deal closed.

    Larry Culp, who was appointed as GE's new CEO on October 1, is speeding up efforts to raise cash and reduce debt to increase investor confidence. On Monday, Culp told CNBC that his company has "no higher priority right now than bringing those leverage levels down," and that he will do so by selling assets.

    "I think we've got plenty of opportunities through asset sales to do that. In the last six weeks, marks my sixth week on the job, I've heard from a lot of people across our markets, people who have interest in GE assets. And I think that's confirmation that we have quality franchises and frankly that we have options."

    GE shares have been under pressures recently, trading at post-financial crisis lows after the conglomerate reported disappointing quarterly results, slashed its dividend to a penny, and said that a recent $22 billion write-down of its struggling power business was being investigated by federal regulators.

    GE is down 52% this year.

    Now read:


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    NOW WATCH: Valedictorians rarely become rich and famous — here's why the average millionaire's college GPA is 2.9

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    Marijuana leaves on top of chocolate

    • Vittorio Dominelli was called a "complete idiot" in court as he pleaded guilty to eating marijuana-laced chocolate he had stolen during a January raid. 
    • Crown attorney Philip Perlmutter said the Toronto police officer and his partner, Const. Jamie Young, ate the chocolate while on duty. 
    • Twenty minutes after consuming the chocolate, Dominelli requested medical help over his police radio.

    A judge in Canada called a Toronto police officer a "complete idiot" as he pleaded guilty to stealing and eating a marijuana-laced chocolate bar he had seized in a raid.

    Vittorio Dominelli, 36, retired from his role as constable with the force last week, The Globe and Mail reported.

    On Friday, he pleaded guilty to attempting to obstruct justice in connection to the marijuana incident in January.

    Dominelli, a father of three, was part of a raid on an illegal marijuana dispensary on January 27.

    He and his partner, Const. Jamie Young, pocketed the marijuana-laced chocolate bars as they left the dispensary to get pizza for the squad, according to a statement of facts read in court by Crown attorney Philip Perlmutter.

    Neither Dominelli or Young had ever tried cannabis before the raid, the court heard.

    After the raid concluded, Dominelli and Young were ordered to conduct surveillance on an after-hours bar, where the partners decided to try the chocolate bars.

    They consumed all eight squares of the chocolate bar while surveying the bar, and became "severely intoxicated," the court heard.

    Twenty minutes later, Dominelli made  an emergency 10-33 call, which is police code in Canada for "officer needs assistance," and asked for an ambulance, Vice reported.

    "My heart was pounding. I felt like it was going to come out of my mouth," Dominelli said in a statement submitted as court evidence. "I realized instantly what a stupid thing I had done. At that point, I did not care anymore about the prospects of getting caught or the professional consequences. I just wanted medical help."

    Dominelli was taken to hospital, where he threw up and tested positive for THC.

    His attorney is asking for a conditional discharge and 200 hours of community service for the obstruction of justice charge.

    "The conduct here you cannot describe as anything other than stupid," Justice Mary Misener said in court, adding that Dominelli is a "complete idiot."

    Young has also been charged with attempting to obstruct justice as well as breach of trust, but the allegations have not been proven in court.

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    NOW WATCH: Why you shouldn't be afraid to fly, according to a pilot with over 20 years of experience

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider may receive a commission from The Points Guy Affiliate Network.


    • If you have a Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, you'll now have the option of transferring your Capital One miles to 12 airline frequent flyer partners.
    • Transferable points are the most valuable type of credit card reward. This brings the potential value of Capital One miles up significantly, and makes the Venture card a phenomenal deal.
    • For a limited time, Capital One is offering a 50% higher-than-normal sign-up bonus for new card applicants: 75,000 miles when you spend $5,000 in the first three months.
    • The Capital One Venture earns 2x miles on everything, and 10x miles on hotels at (when you book and pay for stays through

    Capital One today announced major improvements to its Venture line of credit cards, making its flagship card — the Capital One Venture Rewards card— arguably a must-have for any award traveler.

    There are a few different kinds of credit card rewards, but generally, the most valuable kind is transferable points. That means that you can transfer the points you earn from everyday spending to certain partners; generally, airline frequent flyer programs. Transferability generally offers the most flexibility, allowing you a few different redemption options, and give points a higher potential value.

    Until now, the only way to redeem Capital One Venture miles was to apply them as a statement credit against specific purchases that were classified as travel, with each mile being worth 1¢.

    Today, Capital One announced that beginning next month, Venture cardholders will be able to transfer their miles to any of 12 new airline frequent flyer partners, significantly increasing the potential value of Capital One miles. 

    Cardholders will continue to have the option of using miles to erase travel purchases, and every other feature about the card will remain unchanged. Those with the Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card— a no-annual-fee, but slower-earning sibling to the Venture— will also be able to transfer points to airline frequent flyer partners, as will those with the Capital One Spark Miles for Business and the Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business credit cards. 

    The 12 airline partners are: 

    • Aeromexico
    • Air Canada Aeroplan
    • Air France/KLM
    • Alitalia
    • Avianca
    • Cathay Pacific
    • Etihad
    • EVA
    • Finnair
    • Hainan
    • Qantas
    • Qatar

    The reason that transferable points are more valuable is because booking frequent flyer "award tickets" is different than buying reservations outright — you can read more about how it works here. In most cases, the cash price and the miles price of a ticket aren't linked, so in a scenario where a ticket's cash price is high, but its award price is low, you can get more value from your credit card points by transferring them to the relevant frequent flyer program and booking the flight as an award ticket. The alternative — paying with your card and using points to "erase" the purchase — would mean you spend many more credit card points in that scenario.

    Capital One miles will transfer to each partner at a ratio of 2:1.5 — meaning you'll get 1.5 airline miles for every 2 Capital One miles. While many other programs — like American Express' Membership Rewards program or Chase's Ultimate Rewards — offers 1:1 transfer ratios, the Capital One Venture earns unlimited 2x miles on every single purchase, regardless of purchase category or country.

    That means that for every dollar you spend, you'll effectively earn 1.5 airline miles (if you decide to transfer Capital One miles to the airline).

    While the Capital One Venture has long been a solid rewards credit card — at least, for a card that earned fixed-value rewards points — the ability to transfer miles to airline partners elevates it to one of the more competitive cards available.

    Read more: Lucrative credit card deals you can get when opening a new card in November — including a 150,000-point bonus

    Adding to the card's value: the ability to earn a tremendous 10x miles on every dollar spent on hotel bookings when you book and pay through Given the 2:1.5 transfer ratio, that means earning up to  7.5 airline miles per dollar spent on hotels. also operates its own loyalty program that offers a free night after 10 paid nights.

    Given the airline transfer ability, combined with the earning rate of 10x miles on hotels through the Venture portal, and 2x miles on everything else, along with other benefits added by Capital One this year, the Capital One Venture has rapidly ascended to be one of the most potentially valuable rewards credit cards of 2018 — even if the partner airlines aren't quite as useful as Chase's.

    To top off the announcement, Capital One is offering a 50% higher sign-up bonus for new applicants, but only for a limited time — an end date hasn't been announced.

    The current bonus is 75,000 miles when you spend $5,000 on the card in the first three months — up from 50,000 miles. That's worth $750 of travel when used to erase travel purchases, or potentially more when transferred to airline miles — you'd get 56,250 airline miles at the 2:1.5 ratio.

    The bonus may not be around for long, so this is the time to apply for the card, especially if you can use holiday shopping and travel to help meet the minimum spending requirement. The Capital One Venture has a $95 annual fee, but it's waived the first year.

    Click here to learn more about the Capital One Venture from Insider Picks' partner: The Points Guy.

    SEE ALSO: There are different types of credit card rewards — but this is the best one

    DON'T MISS: This Capital One card earns 10 miles per dollar on bookings — which is an unbeatable return

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    resume job fair

    • Most résumé coaches will tell you your résumé should not exceed one page — especially if you're an entry-level worker.
    • But new research from ResumeGo seems to contradict that notion.
    • The résumé-writing service found that job recruiters were more likely to prefer two-page résumés than one-page résumés — even for entry-level workers — and they spent more time reading two-page résumés, too.

    Conventional wisdom holds that your résumé should be no longer than one page.

    At least that's what most résumé coaches will tell you.

    But new research suggests that job recruiters were more than twice as likely to prefer two-page resumes to one-page résumés — a conclusion that surprised even the researchers.

    As part of an experiment, résumé-writing service ResumeGo presented almost 20,000 one- and two-page résumés to a pool of 482 job recruiters, hiring managers, HR professionals, and C-suite executives. The participants were put through a three-week "hiring simulation" in which they were asked to screen the résumés for a variety of job positions comprising different levels of work experience.

    Across the board, the participants were more likely to prefer the two-page résumés. Out of the 7,712 résumés they approved, 5,375 of them were two pages long, while just 2,337 were one page long.

    The results were especially pronounced when it came to higher-level job positions. The participants were 2.9 times more likely to prefer two-page résumés for managerial-level positions and 2.6 times as likely for mid-level positions.

    But the results held up even when it came to entry-level workers — traditionally the group that is most cautioned against exceeding one page. Participants were 1.4 times more likely to prefer two-page résumés even for those positions, the researchers found.

    "While the overwhelming majority of career experts argue that a two-page résumé should never be used unless a job seeker has many years of full-time work experience at multiple companies, our results contradict this piece of conventional wisdom," ResumeGo CEO Peter Yang said in a statement.

    Read more:10 ways to fix your résumé when you're not entry-level anymore

    Not only did the two-page résumés perform better than the one-pages ones, the participants in the experiment also spent significantly more time reading them, bucking the notion that job recruiters will gloss over lengthier résumés. They spent an average of four minutes and five seconds going over the two-page résumés, compared to just two minutes and 24 seconds on the one-page examples.

    It's worth noting that the experiment only accounted for the preferences of human résumé screeners, and not the software programs companies are using with increasing frequency.

    For Yang, the results prove how little we actually know about the art of résumé-writing, and how much of the advice you hear isn't necessarily based in fact. As he noted, there has been barely any scientific research looking into the ideal résumé length.

    "It's one of the frustrating things in the industry. I would go online to see what experts had to say about this or that, and people were kind of just giving out tips from their own opinions, not grounded in any real evidence," Yang told Business Insider.

    "Furthermore, recruitment methods and the hiring landscape are constantly evolving," he said in the ResumeGo announcement. "So what may have been true in the past may no longer be the case today."

    SEE ALSO: The classic advice to dress for the job you want has a major flaw, and it could make a job interview that much harder

    DON'T MISS: A CEO who sold her beauty company for $210 million wakes up every day at 6 a.m. without an alarm, walks 4 miles, and spends up to 3 hours working from an office in her bathroom

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    NOW WATCH: Navy SEALs debunk 5 misconceptions about good leaders in the military and the workplace

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    U.S. Air Force pararescue Airmen conduct helicopter hoist training Nov. 5, 2018 at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.

    US Air Force Pararescue specialists, or PJs, are one of the most elite special operators in the world. 

    Consisting of about 500 airmen, PJs "rescue and recover downed aircrews from hostile or otherwise unreachable areas," according to the Air Force.

    These "highly trained experts perform rescues in every type of terrain and partake in every part of the mission, from search and rescue, to combat support to providing emergency medical treatment, in order to ensure that every mission is a successful one."

    "One of the challenges [in Afghanistan] is the altitude and terrain because we are surrounded by mountains,” Maj. Jason Egger, 83rd Expeditionary Rescue Squadron commander at Bagram Airfield, said in a Defense Department news release on the training.

    “We overcome that challenge by working with the Army pilots, which gives us the capability to get to the altitude we need and insert the teams,” Egger added. 

    Here's how PJs rescue troops in the mountainous terrain of Afghanistan.  

    SEE ALSO: Here's how to tell the US military's most elite special operators apart

    SEE ALSO: Why Green Berets are the smartest, most lethal fighters in the world

    SEE ALSO: Here's what happens when Air Force Guardian Angels perform high altitude jumps

    "We sit on a very short alert window, and we are able to launch within 30 minutes at all times throughout the day and night," Eggers said.

    After getting a call, the PJs load into an Army CH-47 Chinook, which they often use for transports in rescue missions in Afghanistan.

    "Most of the central and northern Afghanistan area is very high altitude, and that's where the CH-47s can really provide some special capability because of their ability to get to that high altitude area and insert the team," Eggers said.

    Read more about Chinooks here

    And then fly to the rescue site.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    galaxy s10 concept

    Samsung's next-generation Galaxy S10 could deliver significant updates in design and features to the South Korean smartphone manufacturer's flagship line of premium smartphones.

    At least, that's what the rumors are suggesting. Even Samsung's mobile-business leader, DJ Koh, has chimed in to hype up the next Galaxy S smartphone. 

    If the rumors are accurate, we should expect a pretty significant overhaul in the Galaxy S10 lineup that could see the adoption of new technologies, next-gen specs, and a more modern design. The rumors paint a futuristic vision of the Galaxy S10's looks.

    Most recently, Bloomberg has come out with a report that adds credence to some of the rumors below. Reliable gadgets leaker Even Blass has also offered some "preliminary" details about the Galaxy S10 that include a few things that Samsung unveiled at its recent developers' conference.

    Check out the leaks and rumors about the Galaxy S10, with a little visual help from a video by the concept artist Concept Creator:

    SEE ALSO: 5 new Google gadgets that leaked ahead of the company's big October event

    There will be three models of the Galaxy S10.

    Samsung is supposedly planning to offer three variants of the Galaxy S10, according to the often reliable technology analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has accurately predicted elements of new Apple iPhones. 

    Kuo believes one model will have a 5.8-inch display, another will have a 6.1-inch display, and the third will have a 6.4-inch display. 

    The latest from Bloomberg suggests that one of the models will be a more budget friendly version of the Galaxy S10 that won't come with the curved edges, but rather a more traditional flat display.


    There could be another variant that supports new ultra-high-speed 5G networks.

    The larger Galaxy S10 Plus model could come in two variations, one of which could have 5G support, XDA Developers reported, citing information it found in the code in an upcoming software update for the Galaxy S9 Plus.

    Bloomberg's report suggests the Galaxy S10 models will be compatible with Verizon's 5G network, but it isn't clear exactly which models it was referring to, whether it's the two higher-end models, or even all three models. 

    5G is a new wireless standard that promises extremely fast data speeds and potentially less congestion than today's 4G LTE standard. That means 5G data speeds could still be fast even during times of peak data traffic.

    So far, however, 5G availability is extremely limited and hasn't been fully deployed by most carriers.

    Rumors are suggesting that the Galaxy S10 will have a front-facing fingerprint scanner underneath the display.

    A front-facing fingerprint scanner embedded underneath the display is perhaps the most hotly anticipated feature that could come to the Galaxy S10 — and the rumor mill says it's well on its way.

    So far, the OnePlus 6T is the only phone in the US that has an in-display fingerprint sensor. Elsewhere in Asia and Europe, some phones from Chinese manufacturers — including Vivo, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Huawei — have in-display fingerprint sensors, too.

    One of the latest rumors is that embedded fingerprint sensors will come standard on two of the upcoming Galaxy S10 models, according to The Investor, as well as a more recent Bloomberg report. 

    It's also said that Samsung's in-display fingerprint sensor uses ultrasonic technology rather than the optical technology that the OnePlus 6T uses. Apparently, ultrasonic fingerprint sensors offer better reliability and accuracy. 

    Samsung is still deciding whether or not the lower-end Galaxy S10 model with a supposedly flat display will come with an in-display fingerprint sensor, according to Bloomberg. The Investor suggests it could have a regular fingerprint scanner on the side of the phone. The rumor lines up with Kuo's earlier predictions.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    elon musk

    Ah, Elon Musk.

    The eccentric billionaire and real-life Tony Stark has courted controversy and made headlines for all the wrong reasons lately, but he's also had some remarkable success in developing world-changing technology. 

    For all his bluster, attacks on journalists, and odd behavior, he does seem genuine in his offer to help solve some of humanity's most dire problems.

    He's put his money where his mouth is. Climate change? Musk's electric car company, Tesla, has made electric cars exciting. Traffic woes and all the negative health effects of congestion-caused pollution? Musk created The Boring Company to dig a network of tunnels below Los Angeles to avoid gridlocked freeways. Colonizing other planets to save ourselves from extinction? SpaceX is working on it. 

    Beyond these moonshot initiatives, Musk has delivered real results. After Hurricane Maria knocked out power for millions of Puerto Rico's residents last year, Musk donated hundreds of solar-powered batteries to the island. 

    Below, we check in on a few of humanity's problems Musk said he wants to solve. Here's where he's at — and whether or not he's actually helping. 

    SEE ALSO: Elon Musk called a British diver from the Thai cave rescue a 'pedo guy' — then deleted the tweets hours later with no explanation

    SEE ALSO: Elon Musk's Boring Company will sell Lego-like bricks that can be used to construct affordable houses in just a few days

    The Crisis: Rescuing Thailand's cave boys

    The Fix: A "kid-size" submarine.

    During the mission to save 12 boys and their soccer coach from a flooded cave in Thailand, Musk gathered engineers from Tesla, SpaceX and the Boring Company to create a "kid-size" submarine using rocket parts.

    The chief of the rescue mission said the device was not practical, and the rescue was completed successfully without Musk’s device. A British diver involved in the rescue also called Musk’s actions a “PR stunt” and said the submarine had no chance of working in this scenario. In response, Musk called the diver a “pedo guy” in a tweet, which has since been deleted.

    In September, the diver filed a defamation lawsuit against Musk in California, and he is reportedly also considering suing Musk in the United Kingdom, which has strict libel laws.

    Still, a Thai military official said Musk’s submarine could be useful for future missions, and engineers from SpaceX have met with members of the Thai Navy to train them on using it. Musk tweeted that the engineers also received feedback from British divers about improving the technology.

    The Verdict: Not helping — at least for this specific mission.

    The Crisis: Flint's lead-contaminated water

    The Fix: Replacing pipes, adding water filters.

    Flint, Michigan, continues to grapple with the effects of a water crisis in which dangerous levels of lead were detected after the state switched the city’s water supply (from Lake Huron to the Flint River) in 2014. 

    Residents who got sick reported experiencing skin lesions, depression and memory loss. 

    The US Environmental Protection Agency says any water with lead levels above 15 parts per billion requires action to minimize exposure. In Flint, lead levels in some homes surpassed 4,000 ppb.

    Lead levels fell to 12 ppb by the end of 2016, and officials say the water is now safe to drink. Some Flint residents remain skeptical. 

    Musk promised in July to fixthe pipes in homes with water contamination "above FDA levels."He also tweetedthat he will organize a weekend to add filters to houses in Flint and to "hopefully fix perception of those that are actually good."

    In October, The Musk Foundation donated more than $480,000 to install new filtration systems for water fountains in all Flint schools. The project is set to be completed by the end of January.

    The Verdict: He's helping, though it's still early. 

    The Crisis: Traffic, and the negative health effects of gridlock

    The Fix: An underground network of tunnels.

    Like many of us who aren't eccentric billionaires, Musk hates sitting in traffic. His solution to LA's notoriously traffic-clogged freeways: digging a network of tunnels beneath the city.

    Traffic is more than just an annoyance. According to a recent study, the air pollution generated by traffic can lead to an increase in heart disease and stroke risk for those living near congested areas. Other studies have shown that people living near major roadways in congested cities have an increase in emergency room visits and mortality, among other health effects

    Through The Boring Company, Musk is seeking to connect LA's densest neighborhoods with an underground "Loop" system that could carry passengers — and even cars — up to 150 miles-per-hour, cutting travel times across the city, and reducing traffic-caused pollution in the process. 

    While this sounds amazing in theory, the reality is a bit murkier, as Business Insider's Matt DeBord wrote.

    The system is set to benefit well-off Angelenos and avoids some poorer neighborhoods (where commute times are often longest) altogether. It's another billion-dollar solution to a problem that could be more easily solved by telecommuting or shifting work hours, DeBord wrote. 

    The Verdict: Too early to tell.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    National Landing Amazon Arlington

    • Amazon's official announcement about its HQ2 decision prompted a few questions about its Northern Virginia location.
    • Amazon posted a statement saying the Virginia portion of its new headquarters would be located in National Landing.
    • This designation appears to be created from scratch with HQ2 in mind.

    Arlington, Virginia, came out a winner in Amazon's grueling HQ2 competition — but one detail in the tech giant's Tuesday announcement left observers and Washington, DC-area natives scratching their heads.

    The Seattle-based online retailer says it will split its new second headquarters between New York City and National Landing, Virginia.

    The only thing is, most Virginians haven't heard of National Landing before. The statement prompted suggestions that Crystal City, Virginia, was rebranding itself, the Washington Business Journal reported.

    The National Landing designation appears structured specifically for HQ2. The place didn't even have a Wikipedia page as of early Tuesday afternoon.

    Read more:  Amazon officially announces its HQ2 will be split between New York and Virginia

    Fortunately, the official page for Northern Virginia's Amazon HQ2 bid has a section clearing up a bit of the mystery behind National Landing. The website marks a collaboration among the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership, Arlington County, the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority, and Loudoun County Economic Development.

    The official page described National Landing as boasting 17 million feet of existing commercial space, 150 acres of land free for development, and 24,000 housing units within 2 miles that it says will prove "affordable at average Amazon income."

    National Landing consists of what the website calls three "connected urban districts": Crystal City and Pentagon City in Arlington and Potomac Yard in Alexandria. The website also touted the area's status as a transport hub, promising residents that it's within walking distance to Reagan National Airport, the local bus system, the Metro, and the Virginia Railway Express commuter train.

    "The strength of our workforce coupled with our proximity to the nation's capital makes us an attractive business location," Arlington County's board chair, Katie Cristol, said in Amazon's official statement.

    "But Arlington's real strength is the decades of planning that have produced one of the most vibrant, civically engaged communities in the world. Those plans have paved the way for this investment, and we look forward to engaging the Arlington community about Amazon's plans and how we can grow together."

    Observers on Twitter, however, expressed confusion over how National Landing seemed to enter the Arlington scene essentially overnight:

    Read more about Amazon's HQ2 project:

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    NOW WATCH: Amazon wants to open 3,000 cashier-less grocery stores — and they'll have a major advantage over their competitors

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    Satya Nadella

    • Microsoft is resuming the rollout of the October 2018 Update to Windows 10 today.
    • The update originally came out in October (naturally), but Microsoft stopped the rollout after some users said that it was wiping their personal files. 
    • The update is now available again to early adopters who are willing to manually install it, but generally speaking, Microsoft is proceeding with caution. 
    • It brings new features to Windows 10, chief among them a new integration with Android phones.

    The October 2018 Update, which brings an armload of new features to Windows 10, is finally starting to roll out to users starting today, according to a Microsoft blog post

    Now, you might notice that it is no longer October 2018, and that it is, in fact, November. So why is Microsoft releasing the October update now? 

    It's because the first rollout of the update, which happened back in the real, literal October, didn't go so well for some users. Some said that installing the October 2018 Update actually wiped some of their internal files, while others reported that they had significantly worse battery life. Microsoft "paused" the update while it investigated.

    Now, Microsoft says that it's cracked the case, and the update should be clear for launch — but that it's going to be more cautious than usual until it's completely and totally confident that these issues are fixed. Specifically, Microsoft is slowing down the normal process by which Windows 10 forces users to update to the newest version.

    The way Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 updates is thus: First, Microsoft makes the update available to a self-selected group of early adopters, who have to either download it directly from Microsoft's website, or else manually run Windows Update to find it. In other words, if you want it first, you have to go get it.

    This is as far as the October 2018 Update got the last time out, before Microsoft hit the pause button. Today, Microsoft is bringing the Windows 10 October 2018 Update back to this stage, so this is how you'll get it. 

    Then, after everything goes well, Microsoft will start bringing it to users in waves, prioritizing those users with PC configurations that it knows will handle the update well, and gradually trickling down from there.

    This time, though, Microsoft says that it's going to be far more cautious about approving the update for users — if Windows 10 detects any kind of anomaly in your PC setup, whatsoever, the update simply won't appear for you. You won't get bugged to install it, you won't be able to download it via Windows 10, no, nada. Then, Microsoft will review that data to figure out how to work around the problem and make sure you won't run into that nasty bug. 

    In a broader sense, Microsoft says that it's reforming the way that it develops and tests Windows updates to make sure that this never happens again — users in the Windows Insider beta testing program had reported this bug well before it went out to users, but Microsoft missed it thanks to a flaw in its feedback process. In a blog entry, the first in a series, Microsoft goes into depth about its testing process, and its plans to fix it up for next time.

    Anyway, if you're able to install the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, you'll find yourself with all kinds of tweaks to the operating system, chief among them, a new way to integrate your PC with an Android phone.

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