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    donald trump

    • President Donald Trump said he would have a "very busy" and "very productive" two days at the G20 summit in Argentina this weekend.
    • His tweet comes as The Associated Press reported that he deliberately cut short his travel abroad because he liked to stay at home.
    • Others leaders arrived earlier and will likely stay for longer.

    President Donald Trump said he would have a "very productive" 48 hours at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires this weekend after a report said he deliberately cut short his time abroad because he likes to stay home in his own bed.

    Trump arrived in Argentina on Thursday night and tweeted that he had "a very busy two days planned."

    He added that he "will be very productive!"

    The tweet followed an Associated Press (AP) report that Trump packed in eight high-level meetings with world leaders during his 48 hours at the G20 summit this weekend.

    Trump enjoys following his routine and sleeping in his own bed, the news agency reported.

    Read more:Trump reportedly planned a lightning-quick G20 trip because he likes to stay at home

    According to the AP, Trump's schedule is so tight that a previously planned, one-on-one meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will turn into a "trilateral" meeting when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi joins them halfway.

    Current and former White House officials told the AP that Trump had at time expressed his frustration about overseas travel, and they have cut short his trips to please him.

    One of the focal points of Trump's flying visit will be a meeting with President Xi Jinping of China.

    As Business Insider's Bob Bryan reports, the talk has the potential to alter the course of Trump's trade war with China, with huge ramifications for both economies.

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    NOW WATCH: Trump once won a lawsuit against the NFL — but the result was an embarrassment

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    matthew mcconaughey

    • Matthew McConaughey says he has never done a film that's "lived up to what I imagined it could be."
    • This is despite being an Oscar-winning actor who has undergone what fans call the "McConaissance."
    • The actor originally made his mark in teen comedies and rom-coms before proving his acting chops.
    • Still, he's not satisfied.

    Matthew McConaughey has come a long way.

    Put on the map with teen comedy "Dazed and Confused" in 1993, he went on to play love interest roles in rom-coms like "The Wedding Planner" and "How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days" before truly proving his acting chops with the likes of "Dallas Buyers Club," where he plays a man living with AIDS.

    His rise to acclaim has even been dubbed the "McConaissance," a term which he says he "doesn't mind."

    However, McConaughey, now 49, has admitted he still isn't happy.

    In a revealing interview with The Guardian, the actor admitted he's "never done [a film] that's lived up to what I imagined it could be."

    "I’ve have never been in a film or given a performance that was as good as I'd hoped it would be," he said. "I've come close. I've seen some that are close."

    Read more:Will Smith celebrated his 50th birthday by bungee jumping out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon — and his message afterwards was pretty inspiring

    He added that he's "been a part of a bunch of films that I highly respect and really have a love for and think are great."

    "I’ve done performances that I’m very happy with and I’m like, 'Good job, McConaughey!'"— which makes sense, since he took home a "Best Actor" Oscar and a Golden Globe for his performance in "Dallas Buyers Club."

    However, he added: "But nothing that I've ever thought..." then trailed off, finishing: "And I don't think I'll do one that does."

    He went on to say that the movie he's worked on that was "closest to the script" was actually crime drama "Mud."

    "There was like one scene different and the dialogue is almost exactly what Jeff Nichols wrote," he told The Guardian.

    Of his time in rom-coms, he said: "The things that were really interesting me, I wasn’t getting offered."

    He went on: "In life in general — but also specifically in our business — there’s an initiation process and people don’t just let you in. I didn’t have many people let me in on some things and years later I’m going: 'Come on, man, you could have just told me that; it took me seven years to figure it out!'"

    Despite struggling to be cast in the right films, he claims he "didn't go seeking" for more mature roles.

    "This is just the next chapter. I didn’t go seeking. I didn’t go: 'I want roles where I can really transform, I want roles where I can get skinny or fat.' You look at the character and I go: 'Well, who is that?'"

    His upcoming projects include "White Boy Rick," a biographical crime drama based on Richard Wershe Jr., as well as thriller "Serenity" with Anne Hathaway, comedy "The Beach Bum," and Guy Ritchie gangster film "Toff Guys."

    "I’m still getting off on acting," he said. "I'm not bored at all. Acting is like a working vacation for me. I can’t wait to go to work. I’m scared about it, I love it. I love the adrenaline of it. I’m confident with it. I’m surprised with it. It spooks me in a good way.

    "I really like the adventure and experience of diving into it. It’s an excavation. It’s a construction. It’s architecture, building something. I’m happy. I look forward to it."

    Still, he added: "I don’t make many films my kids can see yet but I look forward to them one day looking at my stuff and going: 'Oh, I see what Dad was doing!'"

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    amal clooney george clooney

    • George Clooney could be the godfather to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal baby, insiders told the Daily Mail.
    • Speaking to the Mail, Clooney's cousin Ben Breslin said that the A-lister would make a "wonderful godfather" to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's first child.
    • A source also said Clooney has "told a couple of people he has a strong hunch" he will be play a role in the royal baby's life.
    • Clooney and his wife Amal's relationship with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex became public knowledge when the A-listers attended the royal wedding in May.
    • Since then, the friends have reportedly holidayed together in the Clooneys' luxurious Lake Como villa.

    Could George Clooney be godfather to a member of the British royal family?

    Quite possibly, insiders say.

    Speaking to the Daily Mail, George Clooney's cousin Ben Breslin said that the A-lister would make a "wonderful godfather" to the first child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, saying: "I'm all for it[...] He'd make a wonderful just about anything — he's a good guy."

    "'I'm not in on those royal circle talks," Breslin stipulated, "but that's not to say next time he comes in we might sit down for an hour over bourbon and talk about it."

    Clooney and his wife Amal's relationship with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is well-documented.

    The pair famously attended Harry and Meghan's royal wedding in May and in August, and the friends reportedly holidayed together in the Clooneys' luxurious Lake Como villa.

    Read more:Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reportedly spent 3 days at George and Amal Clooney’s luxurious Lake Como villa

    Amal has reportedly been a friend of Markle's for some time and helped her settle into her new home, a source told People magazine in May. "Amal has been helping Meghan settle into London life. It was a very natural friendship from day one," the insider said.

    meghan markle prince harry

    A source told the Daily Mail that the couples' ties are stronger than headlines let on and that Clooney has "told a couple of people he has a strong hunch" that he's a shoe-in to be godfather to their royal baby.

    Markle is due to give birth in April 2019.

    The Mail adds that Harry and Meghan are due to attend a star-studded dinner party next month at the Clooneys' London home alongside Barack and Michelle Obama.

    Clooney has had his run-ins with Daily Mail reports about his life in the past.

    In 2014, the actor published an op-ed in USA Today denying claims made by the Mail that his future mother-in-law was opposed to his upcoming marriage to Amal (then Amal Alamuddin) due to her religious beliefs.

    "None of the story is factually true," Clooney said at the time. "When they [Daily Mail] put my family and my friends in harm's way, they cross far beyond just a laughable tabloid and into the arena of inciting violence.

    "They must be so very proud."

    The Mail was forced to apologize for its story, though it denied that it was a complete fabrication.

    Only time will tell whether the Clooneys will take their place as symbolic guardians of the next member of the royal family.

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    NOW WATCH: Trump once won a lawsuit against the NFL — but the result was an embarrassment

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    Trump Xi trade war

    • A note from Goldman Sachs on Friday argues that the most likely outcome of the G20 meeting is that trade tensions escalate further, with Trump moving to impose tariffs on all Chinese goods sent to the US.
    • President Donald Trump heads to Argentina for the G20 summit, and trade talks with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. 
    • Goldman Sachs sees over a 50% probability of trade war escalation. The meeting between the two is set to be a crucial moment in the trade conflict between the two nations.
    • To read more about Trump's trip to Argentina, read Business Insider's comprehensive preview of the meeting.

    President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping will meet on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina this weekend, in what is among the most widely watched bilateral meetings of 2018.

    There have been tentative signs that a deal may be struck, but according to analysts at Goldman Sachs, the most likely outcome of the meeting is that the trade war actually escalates.

    "We currently see 'escalation' as the most likely outcome in the next few months, with slightly over a 50% probability,"the note from a Goldman team led by Andrew Tilton said.

    That scenario, according to the report, would mean tariff rates rise to 25% on all imports currently under tariff, while tariffs are extended to remaining Chinese imports. The other, less likely, near-term scenarios Goldman Sachs outlines in the note are a 'pause,' and a 'deal.' 

    "The chances of a comprehensive deal are pretty low in the near term (10%), though rising over the course of 2019," the bank said. "By late 2019, however, we think it is likely we will have at least reached a 'pause.'"

    On the line is the future of global trade, with a positive meeting likely seeing a deescalation of the trade conflict between the two countries, and a negative one threatening to see the start of a full blown trade war.

    Read more: Trump claims car companies are 'pouring' into the US. The reality is a lot more troubling

    As it stands, tariffs have been levied by the Trump administration on around half of all Chinese goods imported to the USA, with a value of about $250 billion. China has imposed retaliatory tariffs on around $110 billion of US goods.

    An unsuccessful meeting, however, could see that number double, with the US levying tariffs on all $500 billion or so of Chinese goods that come into the USA each year. 

    In such a scenario, China has threatened to retaliate in kind, placing levies on all goods imported from the US.


    The pause scenario, Goldman says, means: "existing tariffs remain in place but the two sides agree to keep talking with escalation put on hold," the analysts wrote.

    And the deal: "which we think is unlikely in the near term, would involve complete rollback of the current tariffs."

    The assets most sensitive to the trade outcome are likely to be the renminbi and equities, Goldman Sachs said. 

    SEE ALSO: Lost jobs, shrinking growth, and rotting crops — here are the ways Trump's trade war is hurting America

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    kylie jenner

    • Kylie Jenner posted a video to her fans in which she revealed she always books a second hotel room for her wardrobe and makeup.
    • The beauty entrepreneur says she also lets her 10-month-old daughter Stormi Webster play in the extra room.
    • Jenner is currently accompanying her rapper husband Travis Scott on a tour of the US.

    Travelling light is a struggle for many of us.

    Kylie Jenner, however, has clearly given up on even trying.

    The reality TV star and cosmetics entrepreneur has revealed that when travelling, she books an extra hotel room purely for her clothes and makeup, as well as for her 10-month-old daughter Stormi Webster to play in.

    Jenner, 21, is currently on the road with her husband, rapper Travis Scott, whose Astroworld tour is travelling across the States.

    Needless to say, however, the couple are travelling in style — after all, Jenner is worth $900 million and is set to become the youngest ever self-made billionaire in the US.

    Read more: Watch Stormi Webster steal the spotlight from her mom Kylie Jenner as she interrupts her makeup tutorial

    On Wednesday, Jenner posted a video online entitled "Get ready with me on tour," in which she showed fans how she does her makeup.

    But the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star also revealed that she travels with so many clothes and so much makeup that she requires an extra hotel room just to store it all.

    "Me and Travis have our own room, and then I always get a separate room for my wardrobe, my makeup and also Stormi so she can play around and have more space when we're in hotel rooms, since she always travels with us," Jenner explained.

    One closet simply isn't enough.

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    Atlanta United Franco Escobar

    • In the club's second season of existence, Atlanta United took down the New York Red Bulls in the Eastern Conference finals with a 3-1 aggregate advantage through two games.
    • Atlanta scored a league-high 70 goals thanks in large part to star forward Josef Martinez setting the  MLS single-season scoring record with 31 goals through 34 games.
    • Perhaps even more impressive, United drew a whopping 53,002 spectators at home games in 2018, setting the league attendance record for the second consecutive season.
    • Mercedes-Benz Stadium — the home venue for the NFL's Atlanta Falcons — was filled to capacity with 70,526 spectators for Leg 2 of its conference semifinal matchup against New York City FC to set the all-time MLS record for attendance at a playoff game.
    • United will enjoy an unbelievable advantage in the MLS Cup Final as Mercedes-Benz Stadium hosts to Atlanta's matchup with the Portland Timbers December 8.

    Atlanta United has shocked the world.

    In just its second season with an MLS franchise, Atlanta has pieced together a sensational season that has catapulted United to the MLS Cup final and attracted one of the most active fan bases in all of American professional sports.

    United took down the New York Redbulls in the Eastern Conference final with a 3-1 aggregate advantage through two games in order to clinch a bid to the MLS Cup final. The MLS Playoff system features a home-and-away, aggregate-goal format for the conference semifinals and finals that requires the victor to outscore their opponent through two games. Atlanta took full advantage of its home contest against the New York Red Bulls, racking up three goals in front of an absolutely electric crowd of 70,016 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

    The massive showing was far from an anomaly. United faithful have come out in full-force since the team's inception, prompting Atlanta to set the MLS record for attendance at home games in its inaugural season before resetting that record with 53,002 spectators at home games in 2018. For reference, United's attendance numbers absolutely shattered the previous MLS record of 44,247, which was set by the Seattle Sounders in 2015.

    But United fans found a way to dial it up from there. When United hosted Leg 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinal against New York City FC, Atlanta fans nearly filled Mercedes-Benz Stadium to capacity en route to setting the all-time MLS record for attendance at a playoff game with 70,526 spectators in attendance.

    It's no surprise that United faithful have come out in droves to support their team. Atlanta clocked in just behind the Red Bulls in league standings with a 21-7-6 record on the season. United netted a league-high 70 goals thanks in large part to star forward Josef Martinez, who set the MLS single-season scoring record with 31 goals through 34 games and broke the league record for combined MLS regular season and playoffs goals in the team's home contest against the Red Bulls.

    Martinez and the rest of Atlanta's high-octane offense will look to carry that momentum into the MLS Cup Final against the Portland Timbers December 8. They will enjoy an incredible advantage as Mercedes-Benz Stadium hosts their championship matchup with the Portland Timbers December 8. United fans are primed to set yet another MLS attendance record and will their team to an incredibly impressive feat for an expansion team.

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    Prince Harry Meghan Markle Australia

    The past two years have been huge for the royal family.

    With engagements and weddings, two pregnancies and a birth, the family has grown and found news reasons to celebrate even as the usual packed schedule of events and foreign trips continues.

    For people constantly in the public eye, the royals are unsurprisingly great at shaking the right hands, smiling at the right moments, and generally keeping it all together to make sure they get things done.

    But every now and again, even watching from a distance, we get a bit more than that. Away from the setpiece events, these are photos of the royals laughing, gawping, eye-rolling, and generally acting like normal folk.

    Here are the best from 2017 and of 2018 so far.

    In January 2017 Prince William made a solo venture to Centre Point, a homelessness charity in London. Here he plays a game with a young woman being helped by the charity (he has to guess the name on the note — which says "David Beckham").

    It's not all relaxed though — here's all three royals making a run for it at a sports event in east London in February.

    Prince William had more fun and games trying to put up a tent blindfolded in Abergevenny, Wales, while launching a children's award scheme.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Marriott Starwood

    • Marriott suffered a massive data breach, saying on Friday that the information of about 500 million people had been compromised.
    • Marriott said that starting in 2014, hackers accessed sensitive information from its Starwood reservation database, including mailing addresses, passport info, and credit-card numbers.
    • It said that affected guests, who stayed at a Starwood property on or before September 10, would be notified "on a rolling basis" starting Friday.
    • Here's how you can find out more about whether your information was hacked and what you can do to protect yourself.

    Hackers have accessed the information of about 500 million people who have stayed in Marriott's Starwood line of hotels, the hotel chain announced Friday.

    Marriott said it discovered earlier this month that hackers had access to its reservation system used for guests at Starwood hotels since 2014 and that customer information was copied and stolen.

    Read more:500 million Marriott customers have had their data hacked after staying at hotels including W, Sheraton, and Westin

    The hotel chain said in a statement that it "has taken measures" to contain the breach and investigate the incident.

    Marriott said it would reach out via email to affected customers "on a rolling basis" starting Friday, but only to those guests whose email addresses are in the Starwood reservation system. If you stayed at a Starwood property on or before September 10, keep a look out for an email from

    Here's what we know about customers whose information was accessed in the breach:

    • Hackers first gained access to the reservation database in 2014. The breach affected customers who stayed in a Starwood hotel on or before September 10.
    • For 327 million customers, Marriott hasn't figured out exactly what information was accessed but said it might include the guest's name, mailing address, phone number, email address, passport number, Starwood Preferred Guest account information, date of birth, gender, arrival and departure information, reservation date, and communication preferences.
    • Some of these customers may have had their payment card numbers and expiration dates compromised. Marriott said that this information was encrypted but that hackers may have managed to decrypt it.
    • For the remaining portion of affected customers, the information accessed by the hackers may include the guest's name and possibly mailing address, email address, or "other information."
    • Marriott uses a separate reservation system on a different network, so it doesn't appear that guests at Marriott hotels were affected.
    • Here's the breakdown of the affected properties owned by Starwood, a subsidy of Marriott that operates more than 1,000 hotels worldwide:

    Marriott Hotels Structure Starwood

    Marriott said it had started to take some steps to support affected guests. There's a list of answers to questions that customers may have on the website Marriott created specifically for information about the breach, as well as a call center for customers that Marriott said is open seven days a week and available in multiple languages.

    Additionally, Marriott said it would pay for guests in the US, UK, and Canada to sign up for a yearlong membership for WebWatcher software, which monitors where your personal information is shared online. It said US guests would also receive free fraud-consultation services and reimbursement coverage.

    Marriott also recommended that if you use the same or a similar password as the one associated with your SPG account, you should change it, as well as be on the lookout for any phishing emails asking for your login details.

    SEE ALSO: Laura Loomer, a far-right activist who tweeted anti-Muslim remarks about Minnesota Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar, handcuffed herself to Twitter's HQ after the company kicked her off the platform

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    NOW WATCH: 7 places you can't find on Google Maps

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    TheInsider Picksteam writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    Since you don't have all day to scour the web for noteworthy sales and discounts, we rounded up the best bargains for you to shop in one convenient place.

    Eddie Bauer

    1. Save up to 60% on everything at Eddie Bauer

    Founded in 1920 by Pacific Northwest outdoorsman Eddie Bauer, the eponymous company has nearly a century's worth of experience creating apparel for adventurers of all types. With the holiday shopping season in full swing, Eddie Bauer is having a huge sale with up to 60% off sitewide. This is a great chance to find a warm winter jacket, flannels, and other cozy gifts for the season.

    Shop all items at Eddie Bauer now.

    Ralph Lauren

    2. Save 40% when you spend $125 or more at Ralph Lauren

    Ralph Lauren is known for its iconic American-inspired designs and it's currently having one of its biggest sales of the year. Right now, you can save 40% on your order when you spend $125 or more by using the promo code "NOVEMBER" at checkout. Plus, you can save an extra 10% on sweaters and sweatshirts automatically. Today is the last day to take advantage of the offer, so don't hesitate.

    Shop the Ralph Lauren sale now.

    Echo Dot Kids Edition

    3.Save $20 on the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

    The Echo Dot Kids Edition uses the power of Alexa to act as a kid-friendly DJ, comedian, and storyteller. When you purchase this bundle, you'll also receive a year of FreeTime Unlimited, which gives your kids access to hundreds of hours of fun and educational content, audio books, ad-free radio stations, and more. The Kids Edition smart speaker comes with a protective case and a 2-year worry-free guarantee, so if they manage to break it, you'll get a replacement.

    Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition, $49.99 (Originally $69.99)[You save $20]

    Allen Edmonds

    4. Save up to 25% on heritage boots at Allen Edmonds

    Founded in 1922, Allen Edmonds is one of the most experienced companies in the menswear and footwear space. As a result, the brand makes some of the highest quality goods you can buy. Now, you can save 25% on classic boot styles including wingtips, cap-toes, Chelseas, chukkas, and more. 

    Shop the Allen Edmonds boot sale now


    5. Save up to 70% on photo gifts at Snapfish

    The holiday season is all about capturing unforgettable moments with friends and family — and Snapfish photo gifts are a great way to share them. Now through December 2, you can save 70% on books, calendars, ornaments, and cards with the promo code "JINGLE70" at checkout.

    Shop all photo gifts at Snapfish now.


    6. Save up to 30% on home decor at Target

    Whether you're shopping for holiday-specific or contemporary home decor designs, Target has a huge selection of items — and they're currently on sale. Right now, you can save up to 30% on everything from curtains and rugs to Christmas trees and lights.

    Shop all toys at Target now

    DNA Testing 23andMe

    7. Save 30% on 23andMe DNA Test Kits

    23andMe won't be able to give you all of the answers, but the popular DNA test will be able to tell you more about your heritage than most of us know off the top of our heads. All you need to do is provide a saliva sample using the tools you'll find in this kit and send it back to 23andMe for testing. Within six to eight weeks you'll receive your results, and you'll be able to learn where you come from once and for all. Right now you can save 30% on DNA kits and get free gift wrapping. 

    Shop the 23andMe DNA Kit sale now.

    macys bags

    8. Save 30% on thousands of items at Macy's

    As one of the biggest department stores in the world, Macy's is home to thousands of items — clothes for the entire family, shoes, jewelry, and products for the kitchen and bathroom — all at great discounts. Now the company is increasing the savings with a huge sitewide sale. You can save up to an extra 30% by using the promo code "FRIEND" at checkout.

    Shop the Macy's Friends and Family Sale now.


    9. Save up to $225 on a Leesa mattress

    This Black Friday, popular mattress startup Leesa Sleep is having one of its biggest sales ever. For a very limited time, you can save $150 on the Leesa Mattress or $225 on the Sapira Mattress, plus a free Leesa pillow — a $75 offer. If buying a mattress online concerns you, know that you can try it out for 100 nights free of risk. If it's not the best sleep you've ever had, you can return it hassle-free.

    Shop the Leesa Sleep Black Friday sale now.

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    An iRobot Roomba 980 is seen in this undated handout photo. iRobot/Handout via REUTERS

    • Everyone is looking for products that make life easier and more efficient, and in that search we often fall prey to product claims that prove inflated or outright false.
    • But for every "As Seen On TV" wonder tool that fails to perform, there are plenty of products that actually do work so well they'll impress even the skeptics.
    • We've looked across the spectrum, from the outdoors to the kitchen to the bathroom, and put together a list of 10 products that seem too good to be true, but aren't. 

    We've all been burned by products that failed to live up to their promise. There was that kitchen gadget that promised to save time and stop messes, the fitness gear that was supposed to help you shed pounds, or the travel tech that was guaranteed to make the TSA line an absolute joy.

    But for every Slap Chop that made a mess of our produce instead of perfectly slicing and dicing its way to quick meal prep, or Shake Weight that did little for our arms and less for our egos, there are plenty of products out there that seem too good to be true yet actually work surprisingly well.

    If you're looking for a few ways to make your life more convenient, more hygienic, and more enjoyable, too, then take a look at these 10 products that seem like they wouldn't work, but actually do. 

    SEE ALSO: I've used Apple computers my entire life. Here's why I'm never buying one again.

    Air fryers

    How could a countertop cooking device create foods that taste deep fried in a matter of minutes and without any frying involved? Science, basically.

    Air fryers are actually just compact convection ovens that rapidly circulate super-heated air around foods, mimicking "the movement and flow of heat currents in a pot of boiling oil," and resulting in a crisp exterior not unlike the effect achieved with oil frying, but without as much nutritional degradation and without the added calories and fats of deep frying.

    I've made some of the best chicken in my life using an air fryer, and in about 10 minutes of "frying" at that.

    Oven gloves

    The first time you wear a pair of oven gloves will be the last time you wear a pair of oven mitts. Thanks to a blend of heat-resistant fibers and silicone, oven gloves allow you to reach into hot ovens and grab out roasting pans with complete dexterity and without risk of a burn.

    You can even use them to reposition flaming logs in fires or to move a heated grill plate. They are a must have for the kitchen, fireplace, barbecue, and anywhere else things get extra hot.

    Charcoal air purifiers

    If you want to deodorize a bathroom, a car, the interior of a fridge, a closet, or any other small space, you have three basic options: clean it thoroughly; mask the smell(s) with some other scent; or use a charcoal air purifier to absorb them.

    Bamboo charcoal air fresheners can absorb foul odors, trapping them in the porous structure of the charcoal, and then releasing the build-up with a few hours of direct exposure to the sun, no chemicals or other odors involved.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    girl eating grilled cheese

    Our food system is fascinating. From scientists making diamonds out of peanut butter to grapes exploding into plasma fireballs in the microwave, INSIDER has rounded up some of the strangest and most fascinating food facts that you probably never knew.

    Keep scrolling to educate yourself and impress friends at your next dinner party.

    Scientists can turn peanut butter into diamonds.

    Scientists at the Bayerisches Geoinstitut in Germany have discovered that since peanut butter is so rich in carbon, it's possible to turn simple Skippy into diamonds.

    All you need is to extract the oxygen from the carbon dioxide found in the peanut spread, and then enact immense pressure on the carbon left behind.

    The red food dye used in Skittles is made from boiled beetles.

    Carmine, also known as carminic acid, is a common red food dye that can be found in Skittles, maraschino cherries, raspberry and strawberry-flavored junk food, and even lipstick.

    Carminic acid also happens to be made from the crushed carcasses of a beetle known as the Dactylopius coccus.

    Raw oysters are still alive when you eat them.

    Chances are, raw oysters are still alive when you eat them. Oysters deteriorate so fast that chefs have to serve them very quickly — while they're still alive, basically. Some varieties of the shellfish can survive out of the water for up to two weeks, which is why oysters are stored under particularly regulated condition. Once they die, they are no longer safe to eat.

    So yes: If you have a nice plate of fresh oysters, you're probably chewing on them while they are still alive. Luckily, oysters don't have central nervous systems, so they can't feel pain.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Igor Vorotinov

    • Igor Vorotinov, 54, is accused of faking his own death in Moldova to collect a $2 million life insurance policy in Minnesota seven years ago. 
    • Vorotinov was arrested last month in Moldova and extradited to the United States on a mail fraud charge after investigators spent years trying to coax him back to the US. 
    • An investigation into Vorotinov's death was launched after an FBI agent received a tip that it may have been staged. 
    • Vorotinov allegedly put his clothes and ID on a dead body before placing the corpse along a road in Moldova, and his ex-wife then identified the body as Vorontinov. 

    A Minnesota man accused of faking his own death to collect a $2 million life insurance policy allegedly put his clothes and ID on a dead body before placing the corpse along a road in Moldova, a judge's detention order has revealed.

    In a hearing in Minneapolis on Wednesday, Igor Vorotinov, 54, was deemed a flight risk and his request to be released from jail ahead of his pending trial was denied.

    US Magistrate Judge Katherine M. Menendez said Vorotinov had showed "substantial resourcefulness and cunning" when he faked his own death in Eastern Europe seven years ago, according to the Star-Tribune.

    Vorotinov was arrested last month in Moldova and extradited to the United States, three years after being indicted on one count of mail fraud.

    He has since pleaded not guilty and is in jail awaiting the start of his trial on January 28.

    Read more:12 of the biggest money scandals and scams of 2018

    His ex-wife, Irina Vorotinov, and adult son, Alkon, have both been convicted for their roles in the plot and ordered to repay the money.

    Prosecutors allege that Vorotinov took out a life insurance policy in 2010 and named his then-wife as the primary beneficiary. The couple divorced later that year.

    In 2011, when a body was found along a roadside in the Moldovan village of Cojusna, Irina Vorotinov traveled to the country, identified the body as her husband, and had the corpse cremated.

    She then returned to the US with a death certificate and the cremated remains, and received the life insurance payment, The Associated Press reported.

    Read more:Scammers have started using a fake Spotify email to steal people’s Apple IDs — here are the red flags to watch out for

    Prosecutors say the money was then transferred to the couple's son and into accounts in Switzerland and Moldova which were shared by the Vorotinovs.

    An investigation into Vorotinov was launched in 2013 after an FBI agent in Minnesota received a tip that his death may have been staged.

    Later that year, his son, Alkon Vorotinov, was stopped by Customs and Border Protection in Detroit when returning from a trip to Moldova. Investigators found photos of his father from that year on his computer, showing that he was still alive.

    It still remains unclear who the corpse used in the alleged scheme belonged to.

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    Ali Fedotowsky

    • Startups come and go, meaning that those in the tech world often face the dilmemma of pick at which company where they'll actually be successful in the future.
    • Major tech executives who have turned down lucrative offers include Instagram's Kevin Systrom and Bachelorette's Ali Fedotowsky.
    • Here are some other big names in Silicon Valley who may have missed out on millions from opportunities they turned down.

    Ali Fedotowsky walked away from Facebook when she opted to be ABC's Bachelorette.

    Robert Cezar Matei missed his chance to join early Facebook, Square and Instagram teams.

    It's impossible to know which startup is going to become the next billion dollar success story, and the risk of letting a golden opportunity slip through your fingers is something that tech workers grapple with every day.

    While some who turn down lucrative offers still achieve success — Instagram's co-founder Kevin Systrom is a prime example — others may come to live in regret.

    Here are how some Silicon Valley techies missed opportunities to make millions at companies like Facebook and Instagram:

    SEE ALSO: Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is putting up $6.1 million to turn a hotel into transitional housing for San Francisco’s homeless population

    Instagram wanted Amanda Wixted to be its first hire but she was cozy at Zynga.

    First, we should note that Amanda Wixted is plenty successful. She joined Zynga as an early employee and stayed through its IPO. But she probably could have made even more millions if she had left for Instagram when it came calling in 2010.

    Wixted wrote about her missed opportunity back in 2012 on Quora.

    In June 2010, Mike and Kevin were just getting started on their mobile web app which they called Burbn.  I was a lead engineer on the mobile team at Zynga at the time.  Mike contacted me about coming on board as their first hire.  We met, and they showed me their ideas for where they were thinking of heading with Burbn: a photo-sharing mobile app.

    ... It was a great team fit, but I just couldn't get excited about a photo-sharing app.  I felt, and I still feel, that I need to be working on more complicated things, so I've stayed in the games space...Of course, I'm kicking myself now.  Hindsight is 20/20 and all.

    Wixted went on to found the company Meteor Grove Software, and served as CTO for the e-learning app Homer.

    Ali Fedotowsky left Facebook to become the lead on ABC's "The Bachelorette." Sadly, she and the guy she picked didn't work out.

    In 2009, Ali Fedotowsky faced a dilemma: She was a contestant on "The Bachelor," dating pilot Jake Palveka. In a tearful goodbye, she left Palveka to return to her job at Facebook. Fedotowsky had run out of vacation days while filming the show and didn't want to miss out on millions.

    But when ABC offered to make her its Bachelorette, Fedotowsky left her sales rep gig at Facebook. Two years after her March 2010 departure, Facebook had a massive IPO that turned many of its employees into millionaires.

    Fedotowsky's engagement to contestant Roberto Martinez ended shortly after the show aired and while Facebook didn't re-hire her, she went on to be a host on NBC's "1st Look."

    Now, Fedotowsky is married to TV and radio host Kevin Manno and writes a blog called Ali Luvs.

    Julian Targowski was offered a role at Instagram in 2011, but walked away to launch his own app.

    Instagram Embed:
    Width: 540px

    Julian Targowski was offered a role at Instagram in October 2011, but walked away to launch his own app. He says he wasn't even interested in the offer because he was loyal to his own team.

    "I don't regret a thing," he says on Quora. "You realize a lot of things about yourself (how content you are with your current situation, how hard you're working, where you want to be in the next few years, etc) when things like this happen."

    Targowski went on to work at a startup called DailyBooth, which was acquired by Airbnb in 2012 but closed down soon after.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Sen. Claire McCaskill poses for a selfie with Meladie Quarlles in St. Louis, Missouri this month.

    • Sen. Claire McCaskill, the Missouri Democrat who lost re-election to a third term this month, says she wants to help a new generation of women learn how to get ahead in politics in part by being "self-effacing."
    • But some of the senator's supporters disagreed with her, arguing online that women shouldn't be asked to conform with double standards, but instead be encouraged to break them.  

    Sen. Claire McCaskill, the Missouri Democrat who lost re-election to a third term this month, said that after leaving Washington she wants to help a new generation of women learn how to use humor and be "self-effacing" in order to get ahead in the male-dominated world of politics. 

    "I think I can really help other women understand that really difficult balance you have to have as a woman of being strong and opinionated, but very careful that you don't go too far over the line so that you're in the 'B-word' territory," McCaskill said in a Friday interview with NPR.

    She added, "That's a really hard balance, and a lot of that has to do with being willing to be self-effacing and have a sense of humor." 

    McCaskill acknowledged "it's awful" that women are often held to different standards than their male counterparts, but justified her approach by arguing that she's "just being realistic" about what it takes for women to succeed in politics.  

    The two-term lawmaker has been open about the sexual harassment she's faced during her decades in politics, and again related the story of when the speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives suggested that, as a state senator in her early 20s, she perform sex acts to help build support for her proposed legislation.

    McCaskill said she brushed off the harassment, in part by making fun of it. 

    "I got through it with a sense of humor and I kept saying to myself, 'I'm going to have better jobs than these guys before this is over' — and, as it turned out, I did," she told NPR. 

    Some of McCaskill's fans felt her remarks this week were out of sync with her record, and argued that women shouldn't be told to conform to a double standard. 

    "All it does is erase their hard work if young women are forced to keep playing with one hand tied behind their back, backwards and in high heels," Jess McIntosh, editor of Shareblue Media and a longtime Democratic strategist, tweeted in response to McCaskill's comments. "The point of progress is to make it easier for the next gen, not to tell them to hamstring themselves because you had to."

    McIntosh added, "Also not for nothing, one of the things I LIKED about Claire McCaskill was that 'self-effacing' was not an adjective you could apply to her."

    Joan Walsh, a writer for the liberal Nation Magazine tweeted that she was "shocked" by McCaskill's comments. 

    "I really thought differently about @clairecmc and looked forward to her unvarnished honesty in the future!" she wrote. 

    SEE ALSO: Republican Tim Scott bucks his own party to vote against a Trump judicial nominee accused of defending racially discriminatory voter suppression

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    NOW WATCH: Fox News' Harris Faulkner is the only black woman in cable news with a daily show: 'It's a tremendous amount of responsibility'

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    Through its We Make Fans platform, Turner celebrates content consumers of the highest order: People who don't just watch a show or follow a sports team but weave their favorite things into the fabric of their routines.

    And it turns out this isn't just lip service to fandom. They did the research.

    Over an 18-month period, Turner data specialists studied 10,000 people to identify the behavior patterns that distinguish true fans from more passive viewers. One fundamental finding: Eight out of 10 people are a fan of at least one thing.

    As a global entertainment, sports, and news company with more than a dozen well-known brands, Turner has a vested interest in winning over hearts and minds. But the company's leadership in understanding fans through data holds implications for the rapidly transforming media industry.

    The study's findings were certainly of great interest to Donna Speciale. As president of ad sales for Turner, she takes every opportunity to equip herself with data points craved by metrics-minded marketers.

    After determining a base level of fandom, "We dove even deeper," Speciale said. "We uncovered that the more avid a fan is, the more engaged they are. Avidity is not only about doing more and spending more, but also getting more."

    The things that advertisers get more of from fans are quantifiable. They include spikes in time spent watching content compared against channel-surfing, noncommittal viewers. And fans are also completists: They come back for more, which makes them reachable with marketing messages applied in phases.

    Speciale cited "Conan," on TBS, as an example. "That's a mega iconic brand with a broad fan base who follows the show on all screens," she said. "And when we measure ad effectiveness for 'Conan' sponsorships, we see greater lifts in areas like advertiser opinion, awareness, and purchase intent when compared to the average viewer."

    Beyond data

    But even though content-consumption patterns can be tracked on a spreadsheet, the way content gets created hasn't fundamentally changed. New TV series still originate in the imaginations of creators. Creators still hope fans will want to immerse themselves in the world they've dreamed up. And athletes still push themselves to excel, while hoping for the fan support that rallies them when they tire.

    "Data helps us think and target smarter, but without great content we will fall flat," Speciale said. "So it's not about metrics making a fan love a show more. It's about metrics powering us with the right guidance to better cultivate, identify, support, and mobilize fans."

    Take Joshua Galang, a 21-year-old computer-science major at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, in Massachusetts. Galang's admiration for the TBS animated series "Final Space" wasn't dictated to him by an algorithm. Drawn to science fiction since childhood, he discovered early promotion for the show — soon to enter its second season — on YouTube.

    Galang was coaxed along from sampling the show into full-on fandom by two things. First, while episodes of many animated shows are self-contained, "Final Space" creator Olan Rogers adopted a serialized storytelling style Galang enjoys.

    The second factor was that Galang came to feel that the makers of the show were only a social-media comment away.

    "The cast and crew is so easy to connect with," said Galang, recalling an online exchange he had about 3D modeling with a "Final Space" art director. "It shows that they appreciate the fans as much as we appreciate them. It was that personal connection that made me realize I was far more invested than I was with other TV shows."

    And Galang isn't just invested in the show — he's scheduled to be in it. Thanks to a fan contest he entered through the "Final Space" augmented-reality app, Galang flew to Los Angeles where he had the chance to help create a new character, then record the voice for it.

    Remember those eight out of 10 people shown to be a fan of at least one thing? Speciale would like to find even the two who aren't and send them on a journey that resembles Galang's.

    "Looking ahead, 2019 will be the year of the ultimate fan experience," she said. "And like always, that starts with content that sticks and content that makes sense for the environment — and is consistently entertaining and engaging."

    This post is sponsored by Turner.

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    stephen curry

    For the second-straight season, Stephen Curry is the NBA's highest-paid player.

    Stephen Curry was once the biggest bargain in the NBA thanks to a contract he signed when there were still doubts about the long-term health of his ankles. But now he is cashing in big time, having replaced LeBron James last season as the highest-paid player in the NBA.

    In all, 24 players in the NBA will make at least $25 million this season.

    Below we take a look at this season's highest-paid players and how their contracts break down, with data provided by Spotrac.

    24. Jrue Holiday — $25.40 million

    Team: New Orleans Pelicans

    Position: Point Guard

    Contract: 5 years, $131.8 million

    One thing to know: Holiday may have been one of the luckiest players in the NBA in recent seasons. After the Pelicans traded for Demarcus Cousins, they couldn't afford to let their point guard walk in free agency without a viable replacement. That gave Holiday all the leverage he needed for a max contract.

    20t. Bradley Beal — $25.43 million

    Team: Washington Wizards

    Position: Shooting Guard

    Contract: 5 years, $127.2 million

    One thing to know: Beal struggled with injuries early in his career, but has missed just five games over the past two seasons. As a result, his game has flourished, and he has grown into a 23-point-per-game player.

    20t. Hassan Whiteside — $25.43 million

    Team: Miami Heat

    Position: Center

    Contract: 4 years, $98.4 million

    One thing to know: Whiteside played in just 19 games in the first four seasons after being drafted by the Sacramento Kings in 2010. He grew into a max-contract player with the Heat but then fell off a bit in 2017-18, leaving many to think the Heat were stuck with a contract nobody would want.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Pokemon Go Trainer Battle

    • Developer Niantic revealed on Friday that trainer battles are coming to "Pokémon Go."
    • Despite player-versus-player (PvP) battles being a major part of the traditional Pokémon games, "Pokémon Go" has always focused more on exploration and catching wild monsters.
    • Niantic has yet to offer specific details on how battles between players will function.

    "Pokémon Go" creator Niantic revealed via Twitter that player-versus-player battles will be coming soon, answering the wishes of the game's most dedicated fans after some two and a half years.

    Battles between Pokémon trainers have always been a core component of traditional Pokémon games, but have been missing from "Pokémon Go" since the game launched in July 2016. In fact, their absence was one of the core criticisms that longtime Pokémon fans held against the mobile game.

    Read more:"Pokémon Go" - The best tips for Raid Battles and defeating bosses

    While "Pokémon Go" has always offered players a chance to show off their most prized pocket monsters by leaving them to guard the in-game "gyms," Niantic is now promising a chance for players to go head-to-head more directly. Notably, "Pokémon Go" recently got new social features that allow players to become friends and trade Pokémon with each other.

    Niantic has yet to reveal when the trainer battle update will arrive, or provide details on how battles will function. Currently, Pokémon in "Pokémon Go" have just two attacks, compared to the four attacks available in the original Pokémon titles. 

    While the number of players has certainly dipped since the game's peak in 2016, "Pokémon Go" continues to be a massive success around the world. "Pokémon Go" is in the midst of releasing a new batch of fourth-generation Pokémon, and the game grossed $73 million in October 2018, an increase of 67 percent from the prior year.

    Niantic recently relaunched their original mobile exploration game "Ingress" under the name "Ingress Prime." The game is an alternative to "Pokémon Go" with similar, albeit more complex, mechanics and a unique story. Niantic is also working on a game set in J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World, in the same vein as "Pokémon Go," named "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite."

    SEE ALSO: 'Pokémon Go' raked in $73 million during October, a whopping 67% increase over the previous year, proving people are still obsessed with the game

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    road earthquake

    • A magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit Anchorage, Alaska Friday.
    • Social media images and videos show destroyed roads, schools being evacuated, and items falling off shelves in stores.
    • Authorities have instructed planes not to land in the state and issued a tsunami warning for the aftershocks.

    A magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit Anchorage, Alaska Friday, according to the National Weather Service. The full extent of the damage isn't yet clear, but people have already taken to social media to post photos and videos of what they experienced.

    According to testimonies and videos people on the ground, the earthquake tore apart roads, knocked items from shelving, and led schools to evacuate. Airports in Alaska reportedly instructed planes not to land.

    One student said the earthquake cracked his school "in half," posting pictures of torn floors and ruined roads

    Anchorage's Vine Road was reportedly devastated

    People in stores and coffee shops posted photos of item falling from shelves


    Another student posted a video of his school evacuating

    Things swung from ceilings

    With the earthquake's aftershocks, the National Weather Service issued a tsunami warning for Alaska's Cook Inlet region. You can find safety updates on the NWS Anchorage's Twitter feed.

    For more great stories, head to INSIDER's homepage.

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    patagonia silent down

    • Before you find yourself chilled to the bone this winter, get a jacket from Patagonia's new Silent Down collection ($229-$349), which is quieter and more responsibly manufactured than most other outerwear options.
    • I tried the Silent Down Jacket ($249), a light, soft, and very warm puffy jacket made from 100% recycled down and 70% recycled polyester. 
    • I've already worn it multiple times in the last few weeks and plan on doing so for many more to come. 

    Rapid footsteps approach, accompanied by a menacing swishing noise. You turn around, bracing to face the worst and — oh, it's just your friend in her winter jacket.

    If I were to create a soundtrack of fall and winter sounds, it wouldn't contain the crunch of leaves under your feet or the satisfied sigh after the first sip of hot cocoa. It would mainly comprise the cacophony of coats and jackets being put on and taken off and pushed up against each other on public transportation. It's a small price to pay for warmth, but Patagonia has a new line of jackets and parkas, the Silent Down collection, that doesn't pay this price at all. 

    The Silent Down Jacket is currently one of my favorite winter jackets, and not only because everyone on my entire floor can no longer hear me walking down the hallway.

    patagonia silent down 2

    Increasingly looming over me is the awareness that our time on a habitable Earth is rapidly dwindling. Sure, it's bleak, but it also means I care a lot more now about what brands I'm buying from and what they make their products out of. If I'm going to buy and wear something, I hope it doesn't leave the world a worse place than it was before.

    Joining flats made from plastic water bottles and denim manufactured with recycled water (among many other innovative products), the Silent Down collection is one of those responsible creations. The shell and lining are made from 70% recycled polyester, while the insulation is 100% recycled down, made from reclaimed duck and goose down.

    The recycled qualities in no way compromise the efficacy of the jacket. It's very soft and comfortable, and many features, in addition to the down insulation, keep me warm and toasty, including the double protection of both a zipper and snap buttons, and a stand-up collar for when I forget to or don't want to wear a scarf. I also love stuffing my hands into the warm and soft micro-brushed jersey-lined pockets, particularly because I'm not a fan of the inconvenience of gloves. 

    patagonia silent down 3

    Since it has a water-repellent finish, I wear it without hesitation on days when it might rain or snow, and it bounces back quickly after getting wet. It's also, as one online reviewer describes perfectly, "super smooshy." No formal term can better capture how easily it folds down and compacts despite its puffy full form. When I go on my holiday vacation, I'm definitely packing the Silent Down Jacket in lieu of heavier coats.  

    I opted for the Kastanos Brown, a mustard yellow color I wish I owned more of because it's both eye-catching and seasonally appropriate. It also comes in black, gray, and blue. The other pieces in the Silent Down collection are the Parka ($349) if you really need to lean into winter weather protection, and the down Shirt ($229) for a more casual look. 

    And while it's not actually completely silent (I doubt any article of outerwear can ever reach that point), it's certainly more quiet than most. Like any great piece of apparel, it doesn't rely solely on one interesting feature to make it a worthy buy. "Silent" is just one piece of the puzzle. 

    Shop the Women's Silent Down Jacket, $249, available at Patagonia

    Shop the entire Silent Down collection at Patagonia here

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    WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 17: (AFP OUT) U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke (C)) attends a cabinet meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump in the Cabinet Room at the White House October 17, 2018 in Washington, DC. Earlier this week President Donald Trump dispatched Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Saudi Arabia and Turkey to meet with those countries' leaders about the disappearance of Saudi dissident and Washington Post opinion columnist Jamal Khashoggi. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

    • Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke slammed Democratic Rep. Raúl Grijalva as a drunk over threats to probe his department when Democrats take the House majority in January.
    • Grijalva is the likely incoming chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee and called for Zinke's resignation in an op-ed.

    Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke slammed a Democratic congressman as a problem drinker on Friday in response to an op-ed calling for his resignation.

    Arizona Rep. Raúl Grijalva, who is slated to serve as the next chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee when the 116th Congress convenes in January, wrote an op-ed for USA Today outlining why he believes Zinke is unfit to helm the Department of the Interior.

    Read more: U.S. Interior watchdog probes Zinke over real estate deal

    "Ryan Zinke needs to resign immediately as Secretary of the Interior," he wrote. "I take no pleasure in calling for this step, and I have resisted it even as questions have grown about Mr. Zinke’s ethical and managerial failings. Unfortunately, his conduct in office and President Donald Trump’s neglect in setting ethical standards for his own cabinet have made it unavoidable."

    Grijalva also pledged to vigorously investigate and probe Zinke's department in the new year.

    "As ranking member, I have sent dozens of unanswered letters seeking information about Interior Department policies and Mr. Zinke’s conduct," he wrote. "Should I chair the committee in January, as I hope to do, those questions will only intensify as part of my and my colleagues’ legitimate oversight duties. If Mr. Zinke stays, stonewalling in the belief that a cabinet secretary answers only to Trump would be a mistake."

    Zinke responded by leveling a shot at Grijalva in a statement on Friday.

    "It's hard for him to think straight from the bottom of the bottle," Zinke said in the statement. "This is coming from a man who used nearly $50,000 in tax dollars as hush money to cover up his drunken and hostile behavior. He should resign and pay back the taxpayer for the hush money and the tens of thousands of dollars he forced my department to spend investigating unfounded allegations."

    The statement made reference to a $50,000 settlement reported last year, in which Grijalva paid off a former staffer after allegations that he was routinely drunk and created a hostile work environment.

    Zinke also used the hashtag #TuneInnForMore when posting the statement to Twitter. The Tune Inn is small tavern on Pennsylvania Ave. just west of the US Capitol, which Grijalva frequents.

    During his tenure in Congress before joining the Trump administration, Zinke had served on the Natural Resources Committee with Grijalva. 

    SEE ALSO: Republicans are scrambling to save some of Trump's biggest campaign promises before Democrats take over Congress

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    NOW WATCH: Fox News' Harris Faulkner is the only black woman in cable news with a daily show: 'It's a tremendous amount of responsibility'

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