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    tim cook

    • In a surprise move on Wednesday, Apple issued a press release to announce it was lowering is revenue guidance for its first fiscal quarter, which ended in December.
    • Apple previously told investors to expect revenue between $89 billion and $93 billion. Apple revised that estimate, dropping it to $84 billion.
    • In a letter to investors, Apple CEO Tim Cook offered more details on why iPhone sales were weak during the holiday quarter — and one of the reasons he cited was how customers took advantage of "significantly reduced pricing for iPhone battery replacements."
    • In December 2017, after it had been caught quietly throttling the performance of older iPhones, Apple issued an open letter to customers announcing it would cut the price of out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacements from $79 to $29 "for anyone with an iPhone 6 or later," an offer that ended on December 31, 2018.

    Apple issued a press release on Wednesday to announce it would be lowering revenue guidance for its first fiscal quarter, which ended in December.

    Apple stock was halted in after-hours trading just minutes prior to the announcement. Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote a letter to investors, which was issued alongside the press release, and he also spoke to CNBC Wednesday afternoon to answer questions about the quarter and revised guidance.

    Cook said most of the blame falls squarely on iPhone sales.

    "Lower than anticipated iPhone revenue, primarily in Greater China, accounts for all of our revenue shortfall to our guidance and for much more than our entire year-over-year revenue decline," Cook said in the letter.

    "In fact, categories outside of iPhone (Services, Mac, iPad, Wearables/Home/Accessories) combined to grow almost 19 percent year-over-year."

    The letter offered many explanations for why iPhone sales were so weak during the holiday quarter: Cook mentioned broader challenges, such as selling expensive phones in emerging markets, changes to the strength of the dollar, and, notably, a relative lack of people who wanted to upgrade their iPhone.

    But Cook also listed this among the factors: "Some customers taking advantage of significantly reduced pricing for iPhone battery replacements."

    The iPhone throttling controversy

    iphone 6s plus back

    Last year, Apple cut the price of an out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacement from $79 to $29 "for anyone with an iPhone 6 or later whose battery needs to be replaced, available worldwide through December 2018."

    The reason for this year-long offer, though, was because Apple was caught intentionally slowing down iPhones with older batteries.

    In December 2017, new data from Geekbench backed up some long-held theories that replacing the battery in an older iPhone could significantly improve its performance. This suggested that a software limitation was holding back the processing speed of older devices. And just a few days after Geekbench's report was published, Apple said that it was, in fact, throttling the performance of older iPhones to prevent them from shutting down unexpectedly.

    While Apple believed it was in the right to intentionally lower iPhone performance to save on battery life, the company was facing a good deal of consumer outrage at the time, so it issued an offer at the end of its letter to customers: For one year, until December 31, 2018, customers could go into an Apple store and replace the batteries in their iPhones for just $30.

    Apparently, enough people took advantage of that "significantly reduced pricing" on iPhone battery replacements to make a dent to Apple's bottom line in the holiday quarter.

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    NOW WATCH: USB-C was supposed to be a universal connector — but it still has a lot of problems

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    Brian May

    • MU69, also called Ultima Thule, is more than 4 billion miles away from Earth, making it the farthest object ever explored.
    • Queen guitarist Brian May released a new song, "New Horizons," to celebrate the historic flyby.
    • This is May's first solo release in more than two decades. The guitarist has a PhD in astrophysics and also worked with NASA's New Horizons science team.

    On New Year's Day, Queen guitarist Brian May's first solo release in more than two decades.

    And it celebrates an achievement of NASA's that was also many years in the making. 

    The song, "New Horizons," is about NASA's successful flyby of a mysterious, mountain-sized object that's farther from Earth than anything else humanity has visited. The space rock is formally called 2014 MU69, though it's more commonly known as "Ultima Thule" (a controversial nickname — see editor's note below).

    MU69 is more than 4 billion miles away from our planet and 1 billion miles beyond Pluto.

    NASA's New Horizons probe, which launched toward Pluto in 2006, successfully flew past MU69 on New Year's Day. When New Horizons set off, nobody knew MU69 even existed. The object was only detected when astronauts upgraded a camera in the Hubble Space Telescope in 2009. After New Horizons completed its mission at Pluto, which it first reached in July 2015, scientists decided to send the probe to this new target.

    May, who has a PhD in astrophysics, worked with the New Horizons mission's science team and was asked to write a song for the flyby. May said he was initially reluctant about the task.

    "I thought this is going to be hard, because I can’t think of anything that rhymes with Ultima Thule,"he said, according to The New York Times

    The song he came up with begins with words from the late physicist Stephen Hawking, who recorded a video message when the NASA probe flew by Pluto. In the quote, Hawking said: "The revelations of New Horizons may help us to understand better how our solar system was formed."

    Here's the full song:

    At a news conference, the guitarist said the song is about the human spirit of adventure and discovery. 

    "Gradually it dawned on me that this mission is about human curiosity,” May said, according to Florida Today."It’s about the need of mankind to go out there an explore and discover what makes the universe tick and this has been going on since the dawn of time."

    That's clear in these lyrics:

    "New horizons to explore
    New horizons no one's ever seen before
    Limitless wonders in a never ending sky
    We may never, never reach them, that's why we have to try."

    Read more:NASA just released the first close-up photos of the farthest object humanity has ever explored — and it looks like a giant red snowman

    The New Horizons probe's first low-resolution pictures of MU69 have revealed that the ancient object formed from two separate ones. It has reddish coloring, which scientists compared to the color of Charon, Pluto's moon.

    ultima thule

    NASA expects to receive the highest-resolution color photos of MU69 in February, though it may take two years for all of the photos and data to reach Earth.

    Data acquired by New Horizons could provide new explanations about the evolution of the solar systems and how planets like Earth formed.

    ultima thule new horizons 2014 mu69 kuiper belt nasa jhuapl swri steve gribben

    "Ultima is the first thing we've been to that is not big enough to have a geological engine like a planet, and also something that's never been warmed greatly by the sun," Alan Stern, who is leading the New Horizons mission, previously told Business Insider. "It's like a time capsule from 4.5 billion years ago. That's what makes it so special."


    Dave Mosher contributed reporting to this story.

    Editor's note: After a public campaign, the New Horizons team selected Ultima Thule as a nickname for (486958) 2014 MU69. However, we've de-emphasized it here because the Nazi party used the word "Thule" as a tenet of its ideology.

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    NOW WATCH: NASA just released a video of what it would be like to land on Pluto, and it's breathtaking

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    jeremy lin mike dantoni

    • Jeremy Lin credited Mike D'Antoni for helping sustain his confidence during his "Linsanity" run eight years ago with the New York Knicks.
    • Lin recalled having nine turnovers in a loss and D'Antoni calling him afterward to encourage him to keep turning over the ball if it meant he would play aggressively.
    • Lin said D'Antoni "empowers" players and the support of the coaching staff helped him during the run.

    It's been eight years since Jeremy Lin's incredible "Linsanity" run with the New York Knicks.

    Lin became an international phenomenon over a three-week stretch when he took over the Knicks, leading them back into playoff contention while putting up All-Star level stats.

    While Lin saved his job with the Knicks and possibly his NBA career with his breakout, he still remembers how crucial then-Knicks head coach Mike D'Antoni was to inspiring the run and keeping his confidence afloat.

    Lin was a guest on The Ringer's "Winging It" podcast and said he'll always support D'Antoni because D'Antoni, now the Houston Rockets head coach, "empowers" players. Lin recalled a phone call from D'Antoni after a loss that encouraged Lin to keep his head up.

    "I remember I had one game where I had 9 turnovers and we lost," Lin said. "I got a call from him after the game and he's like 'You alright?' I'm like 'Yeah.' It was actually our first loss during the Linsanity stretch. So we had won seven straight and this was our first loss. And he was like, 'Hey I just wanna call and let you know, next game, go ahead and get 20 turnovers.' He's like, 'I want you to get 20 turnovers next game.' He's like, 'Because if you get 20 turnovers, you'll probably get 40 assists. I just want you going downhill all day, all night. Do not think once about your turnovers or stopping to attack. Just play through all of them.'"

    Jeremy Lin signsDuring the 10-game stretch of Linsanity, Lin averaged 24 points and 9 assists per game, but turnovers were a constant struggle, as he gave up the ball an average of six times per game. Still, Lin said the encouragement of D'Antoni and his coaching staff kept him going.

    "Again, that's why I played so well. I had this coach that was empowering me, constantly in my ear telling me 'Go, go, go. Trust your instincts.' A big part of Linsanity was just being in that environment, being in a pick-and-roll system that's suited my style, and having coaches around just being like, 'Look, we trust you, we know that you're gonna make the right play more times than you won't. Let it fly.'"

    Lin has bounced around the NBA since the 2011-12 season with the Knicks, playing for six teams in seven years. He's averaging 10 points, 2 rebounds, and 3 assists coming off the bench for the Atlanta Hawks this year.

    Read more: The key to the Knicks' rebuild could be a 20-year-old French guard that the NBA can't seem to figure out

    Lin said on the podcast that he knew his NBA future was in doubt during the 2011-12 season. He had been cut from teams twice before, and the deadline for final rosters was a week after his first breakout game with the Knicks.

    "By the time Linsanity came around, I was already, like, back against the wall, like, 'If I'm going out, I'm doing it my way and swinging for the fences,'" Lin said.

    "You did that," co-host and Hawks teammate Kent Bazemore said.

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    NOW WATCH: The world's largest cruise ship just landed in Miami — here's what it's like on board

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    Jair Bolsonaro Mike Pompeo

    • President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have been lavishing praise on Jair Bolsonaro, the controversial new president of Brazil. 
    • Bolsonaro, a divisive far-right politician with a history of making homophobic, racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic remarks was sworn in on Tuesday. 
    • On Bolsonaro's first day in office, he issued executive orders that targeted indigenous peoples, the LBGTQ community, and descendants of slaves.
    • Pompeo said he's looking forward to working with Bolsonaro's government to support those suffering "under the weight of dictatorships."
    • Bolsonaro has defended the dictatorship that presided over Brazil from 1964 to 1985. 

    President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have been lavishing praise on Jair Bolsonaro, the controversial new president of Brazil. 

    Bolsonaro, a divisive far-right politician with a history of making homophobic, racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic remarks, was sworn in on Tuesday. 

    Trump congratulated the new Brazilian leader, a former army captain and longtime congressman who's been dubbed the "Trump of the Tropics," in a tweet: "Congratulations to President @JairBolsonaro who just made a great inauguration speech - the U.S.A. is with you!"

    Read more: The 'Brazilian Donald Trump' just became president in a landslide. He got there despite saying he couldn't love a gay son and that a colleague was too 'ugly' to be raped.

    In what appears to be a budding bromance, Bolsonaro replied to Trump, tweeting, "Dear Mr. President @realDonaldTrump, I truly appreciate your words of encouragement. Together, under God's protection, we shall bring prosperity and progress to our people."

    Meanwhile, Pompeo also showered Bolsonaro with praise.

    The secretary of state, who was in Brazil this week for Bolsonaro's inauguration, tweeted, "Great meeting President @jairbolsonaro to reinforce our shared commitment to democracy, education, prosperity, security, and #humanrights. Look forward to working together to support those suffering in #Cuba, #Nicaragua, and #Venezuela under the weight of dictatorships."

    A spokesman for the State Department said Pompeo met with Brazil's new right-wing government to discuss "supporting the people of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua in restoring democratic governance and their human rights."

    On Bolsonaro's first day in office, he issued executive orders that targeted indigenous peoples, the LBGTQ community, and descendants of slaves.

    One of the orders will make it difficult for land to be identified and demarcated for both indigenous groups and "Quilombolas," a word for the descendants of slaves, the Associated Press reported. Another order removed the concerns of the LGBTQ community from the new human rights ministry. 

    These moves fall in line with Bolsonaro's rhetoric toward minority groups and the LGBTQ community. 

    As INSIDER previously reported:

    • In 2011, Bolsonaro told Playboy magazine he would "be incapable of loving a homosexual son."
    • "I won't be a hypocrite: I prefer a son to die in an accident than show up with a mustachioed guy. He'd be dead to me anyway," Bolsonaro said.
    • He was also criticized in 2014 after suggesting a female colleague in congress was too ugly to be raped.
    • "She doesn't deserve to be raped, because she's very ugly," Bolsonaro said at the time. "She's not my type. I would never rape her. I'm not a rapist, but if I were, I wouldn't rape her because she doesn't deserve it."
    • Bolsonaro also once described Afro-Brazilians as lazy and fat, and he has called refugees from Haiti, Africa, and the Middle East as the "scum of humanity."
    • And back in the early 1990s, he suggested he was in favor of a dictatorship.
    • Years later, in 2015 he defended the brutal dictatorship that presided over Brazil from 1964 to 1985, which was responsible for numerous atrocities in its campaign to rid the country of communism.
    • More recently, Bolsonaro in September suggested his political opponents should be shot. The same week, Bolsonaro was stabbed along the campaign trail, an incident that saw his poll numbers rise.

    Trump and Pompeo do not seem to be concerned with Bolsonaro's incendiary rhetoric or his professed affinity for and nostalgia toward Brazil's former dictatorship. The State Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment from INSIDER. 

    SEE ALSO: WSJ endorses far-right Brazilian presidential frontrunner who said an 'ugly' female colleague didn't 'deserve to be raped'

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    HP Spectre Folio   Lifestyle image of media position 5

    • If you are looking to get ahead in today's increasingly connected world, you must be available 24/7.
    • To accommodate the demands of workers, the latest laptops look professional and make staying connected effortless.
    • I liked the HP Spectre Folio laptop because it's 4G LTE enabled, so I don't have to rely on public Wi-Fi, and it has a fine leather cover that gives it a professional look.
    • For all of its high-end looks and features, including the ability to fold it into tablet position, the HP Spectre Folio 13 is surprisingly affordable, starting at $1,200 on HP's website.

    By some estimates, 50% of the United States workforce will be working remotely outside of the office environment by 2020. To be effective, today's professionals must be able to get work done wherever they may be. This includes having a laptop that is conducive to productivity and has a reliable Internet connection.

    This vision of the future was at the forefront of the minds of HP's developers as they designed the Spectre Folio 13. Recently, HP sent me a laptop to test and review. Here are my experiences with it.

    My first experience with the HP Spectre Folio Laptop

    In November, HP hosted a reviewer workshop on the Spectre Folio. Presenter Kevin Wentzel, the Technical Marketing Manager for the company's Consumer PCs division, said the “disruptive” leather design was targeted at millennials who want to balance professionalism with staying connected. HP made the laptop specifically for office work and the occasional content creation. It's not ideal for video and photo editing or intense gaming.

    HP also aimed to make every feature perfect. Based on its internal 2017 Pain Points Study, HP found that what shoppers look for most in a laptop, in order, are speed/performance, battery life, Wi-Fi connectivity, pre-loaded software, and storage capacity. So, HP aimed to address these needs with the Spectre Folio.

    The HP Spectre Folio has a 13.3 inch full high-definition IPS micro-edge WLED backlit touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The aspect ratio is a standard 16:9 with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

    Here are a few of the other specifications:

    • Windows 10
    • Intel UHD Graphics 615
    • 256 GB solid state drive (SSD) — and no hard drive (HDD) 
    • 8 GB SDRAM
    • 8th generation Intel Core i7-8500Y dual-core processor
    • 2 Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports (can transfer data up to 40 Gb/s) and an additional USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 port
    • USB-C to USB 3.0 adapter
    • Headphone/microphone port
    • SIM card port

    If I missed a spec you are looking for, check out the HP product page.

    The laptop's pleasant leather smell struck me immediately. The Folio felt pleasant in my hands and on my lap. HP tried a variety of high-quality leathers before choosing this 100% genuine full-grain, chrome-tanned leather. HP based its leather choice on durability, appearance, and comfort.

    HP Spectre Folio   lifestyle image of closed position

    How the HP Spectre Folio Laptop performed

    The HP Spectre Folio 13 can be used in three positions. There's the classic laptop setup, but you can also push the top of the screen back and fold it down into tablet mode. Or, you can move the bottom of the screen forward to cover the keyboard and just allow access to the touchpad. This last option is best for viewing videos and photos. What I liked most about the tablet mode is that it's hard to accidentally press the touchpad or keyboard and disrupt whatever you're doing.

    The laptop comes loaded with a bunch of programs I'm not interested in: Netflix, Xbox, Candy Crush Saga, and so on. However, I didn't find that it was particularly pushy in getting me to use these apps, and I didn't get a ton of emails to take advantage of special offers and other nonsense as I have with other HP systems I've tested.

    The Spectre Folio features a large battery that is located under the keyboard and on either side of the trackpad. The advertised battery life is up to 21 hours. To really test it out, I played music videos loudly and set a timer to see how long the battery would last. It took about 10 hours before this battery-intensive activity used all the juice. After two hours of charging, the battery was back full-charged and ready for more.

    The feature I enjoyed the most was the gigabit-class 4G LTE cellular connectivity. With LTE, you can go through your cellular service provider and use your data to get internet access in your coverage area. So far, the laptop only works with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

    I tried it out with AT&T coverage, and it was nice to have excellent internet service while riding in a car or in a public place. I'm not proud to admit that I may have spent all day at a Chinese food buffet doing work and keeping the cooks busy. Not all models are 4G LTE enabled so make sure you look for this feature if you're interested in it.

    I liked how easily accessible all of the ports are. With USB 2.0 and 3.0, it seems like you have to try inserting your device at least three times before you get it the right side up. This is not a problem with USB-C. All of the USB-C slots are effortless to use because you can plug it in any which way. On the other hand, the SIM card slot is not easily accessible. You need to fold the screen back to get to it, but this isn't something you will likely need to access regularly.

    The audio was designed in partnership with the Danish audio company Bang & Olufsen. There are quad speakers located just above the keyboard on the laptop's base. The sound is not amazing, but it does get somewhat loud. I registered 90 decibels from a foot away.

    When it comes to quality, the speakers don't achieve the fullness you would expect from a larger speaker. The bass is weak, the mids are muddy, and the highs aren't clear and sound far away. And, when you are in tablet mode, the speakers are covered so the sound is mildly muffled.

    I tested out the HP Chat Support to see if they could fix the only minor problem I had: The test period of the AT&T service had run out, and I no longer had cellular connectivity. Within a minute of loading the chat, I had Ranjeetha S helping me. She took over control of my laptop to work on the wild goose chase I put her on.

    After 25 minutes and exhausting every option she could think of, she told me to contact my service provider: The correct answer. I was impressed by how quickly I had access to support and how diligent Ranjeetha was in trying to fix the problem.

    Lastly, I tested the HP Spectre Folio 13 using the UL PCMark 10 test, which is considered the industry standard for PC performance for Windows 10 machines. Overall, it scored 2,674, which is better than most laptops. It scored quite high for productivity (4,631) and essentials (5,549), which includes web browsing, video conferencing, and app start-up. To learn more about this benchmark test, visit the PCMark website.

    At first, I found the Folio charged slowly. Due to how my desk is set up, I was using the standard USB-C port on the left side of the unit to charge. After a little research, I discovered that the Thunderbolt ports are on the right, and the front right port is best for charging. So, learn from my mistake and make sure you use the right USB-C port for fast charging.

    HP Spectre Folio   lifestyle image of media position 3

    No Verizon LTE support and a few more quibbles

    Verizon Wireless is the most popular cellular provider in the US, and it's also my provider. I'm pretty happy with Verizon's service, especially compared to my experiences with AT&T and Sprint, so I'm bummed that I can't use Verizon's service with the Spectre Folio. I'm hoping HP works out a deal in the near future.

    The laptop comes with a stylus and USB-C to USB 3.0 adapter. The adapter is nice since I'm old fashioned and keep my files on a USB 2.0 drive. This worked fine, except the adapter doesn't look particularly attractive dangling off the side of the laptop. The stylus appeared to work well, though I'm not a big fan of touchscreens and mainly use the unit as a classic laptop. My only gripe about the stylus is that it's easy to accidentally break off the clip, which happened as I tried to stuff the Folio into a tote bag.

    The bottom line

    Overall, the HP Spectre Folio 13 is the best laptop I've ever used. It's an awesome machine that can handle writing, research, and streaming media. The cellular connectivity is a must for anyone who regularly works on the road or in public places with spotty, unsecured coverage. The leather feels good, looks nice, and has a grippy texture that will keep you from fumbling. If you are in the market for a good workhorse laptop, you will be hard-pressed to find an option better than the Spectre Folio at this price point. I highly recommend it.

    Shop the Spectre Folio 13 Laptop on

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    This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here.

    Edge computing solutions are key tools that help companies grapple with rising data volumes across industries. These types of solutions are critical in allowing companies to gain more control over the data their IoT devices create and in reducing their reliance on (and the costs of) cloud computing.

    edge popularity

    These systems are becoming more sought-after — 40% of companies that provide IoT solutions reported that edge computing came up more in discussion with customers in 2017 than the year before, according to Business Insider Intelligence’s 2017 Global IoT Executive Survey. But companies need to know whether they should look into edge computing solutions, and what in particular they can hope to gain from shifting data processing and analysis from the cloud to the edge.

    There are three particular types of problems that edge computing solutions are helping to combat across industries:

    • Security issues. Edge computing can limit the exposure of critical data by minimizing how often it’s transmitted. Further, they pre-process data, so there’s less data to secure overall.
    • Access issues. These systems help to provide live insights regardless of whether there’s a network connection available, greatly expanding where companies and organizations can use connected devices and the data they generate.
    • Transmission efficiency. Edge computing solutions process data where it’s created so less needs to be sent to the cloud, leading to lower cloud storage requirements and reduced transmission cost.

    In this report, Business Insider Intelligence examines how edge computing is reducing companies' reliance on cloud computing in three key industries: healthcare, telecommunications, and the automotive space. We explore how these systems mitigate issues in each sector by helping to efficiently process growing troves of data, expanding the potential realms of IoT solutions a company can offer, and bringing enhanced computing capability to remote and mobile platforms.

    Here are some key takeaways from the report:

    • In healthcare, companies and organizations are using edge computing to improve telemedicine and remote monitoring capabilities.
    • For telecommunications companies, edge computing is helping to reduce network congestion and enabling a shift toward the IoT platform market.
    • And in the automotive space, edge computing systems are enabling companies to increase the capabilities of connected cars and trucks and approach autonomy.

    In full, the report:

    • Explores the key advantages edge computing solutions can provide.
    • Highlights the circumstances when companies should look into edge systems.
    • Identifies key vendors and partners in specific industries while showcasing case studies of successful edge computing programs.

      Subscribe to a Premium pass to Business Insider Intelligence and gain immediate access to:

      This report and more than 250 other expertly researched reports
      Access to all future reports and daily newsletters
      Forecasts of new and emerging technologies in your industry
      And more!
      Learn More

      Purchase & download the full report from our research store

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    panda national zoo smithsonian bei bei

    • The Giant Panda Cam offered 24-hour video of the three pandas in the Smithsonian's National Zoo.
    • It's now gone dark because of the government shutdown.
    • Fans of Tian Tian, Mei Xiang, and Bei Bei are unhappy they can't see their pandas.
    • The San Diego Zoo has two pandas you can still check out on camera if you need your fix.

    The Giant Panda Cam — which offered unfettered access to the lives of the three giant pandas living in Smithsonian's National Zoo — has gone dark.

    Due to the federal government shutdown, the zoo's live animal cams aren't being funded anymore. The people running and broadcasting the everyday antics of Tian Tian, Mei Xiang, and Bei Bei have gone home, and the streams on the Smithsonian's website showed nothing but blackness on Wednesday.

    The people who feed and care for the animals in the Washington, D.C. zoo are working through the shutdown.

    But the loss of the Giant Panda Cam is a blow to fans of the three pandas.

    The panda cam being shut down is just the latest casualty of the government shutdown, already one of the longest in history, which began when President Donald Trump refused to sign funding legislation that didn't include $5 billion for a wall along the border between the United States and Mexico.

    The shutdown has upended the lives of government workers in a number of agencies — 800,000 of them have been furloughed or are working without pay. It has also forced changes in the lives of people who depend on government services, from food assistance recipients to people trying to get married.

    Fans of the Smithsonian's panda camera can rely on the San Diego Zoo's Panda Cam to check out their pandas, Bai Yun and Xiao Liwu, until normal government funding resumes.

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    NOW WATCH: A Harvard psychologist reveals the secret to curbing your appetite

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    Wedding cake

    • Wedding cakes can be tricky. 
    • One couple cut into a frozen cake. 
    • Another insisted on a huge cake topper. 

    Wedding cakes can be a big deal. Literally and figuratively. The multi-tiered desserts are notoriously difficult to make, can be extremely expensive, and just precarious enough that the slightest mishap can ruin the entire dessert. Think, three tiers of cake all over the dance floor levels of ruined.

    We had wedding guests, planners and newlyweds share their worst wedding cake disasters.

    The statue topper was way too big.

    "I was coordinating a small summer wedding at a restaurant. The Mother of the Bride walks up to me, just as the ceremony is beginning, with a ‘cake topper’ and says she is going to go put it on top of the cake. It wasn't actually a cake topper at all: It was a figurine, made of porcelain, and at least a foot tall. It probably weighed about three pounds!

    "Just giving it a quick glance, I knew there was no way their petite cake could support the weight of this statue. Since the ceremony was about to begin, I took the figurine from her and told her I would place it on the cake later. Needless to say, I never put it on top of the cake. I placed it beside the cake and was going to put it up there just for the photos.

    "Before I could explain this to the Mother of the Bride, right after the ceremony, she decided to place it on top of the cake. I didn't notice until a few minutes later, I hear the soft but unmistakable sound of glass breaking. Surprise, surprise! The tall porcelain figurine tipped over, slid down the back of the already warm cake (taking all the icing with it), and smashed into several pieces on the floor. My staff and I quickly took the smashed cake and the broken figurine to the kitchen where we tried our best to reconstruct both. The cake fared better than the figurine, but not by much.

    "I moved the cake to a corner of the room with the ugly side facing the corner. I told the Mother of the Bride that we were saving the cake topper for the last moment, while my staff tried to super glue it back together. A few hours later, when the cake was served, the cake topper emerged. Broken and battered, but present."— Renee Scotti Dalo, owner at Moxie Bright Events


    The cake didn't travel well.

    "We had a bride’s mother who was really excited to bring in a cake from their favorite baker in Pennsylvania. We discussed with her repeatedly about how risky it was to transport a cake [to Virginia] in the middle of summer, and without the right equipment. However the plan was set, so the couple and my husband and I put together a three-step cake plan for the mother: 1. Each tier was to come boxed and un-stacked, so I could stack them on site. 2. She was to drive straight to the Manor with the A/C pumping and no stops. 3. The baker would provide extra icing to fix any patches.

    "Instructions weren’t followed and a rather large mess ensued. Everyone took it really well and one of our wonderful local bakers came through with less than 12 hours notice. We did manage to salvage some of the cake so those in the know would get to taste the best cake in Pennsylvania, and it did taste wonderful."—  Isadora Martin-Dye, owner and coordinator at Rixey Manor

    The cake didn't last and neither did the marriage.

    "My dear friend Simeon had a lavish and stunning three-tier cake, topped with pillars and figurine from the bride’s grandparents. While dancing the Hora, kicking legs out as we danced around and around, I suddenly felt a thump against my leg. As I turned to see who I had hit, I realized with shock and horror that my leg had hit the wedding cake table, creating – as I watched in horror — what looked like an earthquake. The cake didn’t survive, but neither did the marriage."— Michael Straus

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Tim Cook

    • Apple said on Wednesday that its holiday quarter revenue would be 7% lower than expected due to weakening iPhone sales, primarily in China. 
    • Since the announcement, Apple's stock has dropped over 7% in after-hours trading. 
    • The news of Apple missing its mark appears to be impacting other tech stocks, with Amazon, Intel, Alphabet, and others all taking hits in after-hours trading. 

    Apple's surprise pre-announcement on Wednesday, warning investors that quarterly revenue will come in at least $5 billion below expectations, sent shockwaves across the business and investing world.

    Apple's stock quickly fell 7% in after hours trading. And it appears to have dragged down many of its tech peers with it. 

    Here's how some top tech stocks are performing after-hours on Wednesday: 

    Apple blamed slowing demand for iPhones in China for a good deal of its woes, which may be spooking investors in other companies with businesses that are tied to China.

    But even companies without obvious China exposure, such as Facebook which is banned in China, took a dip in after hours trading. It's a reflection of Apple's importance and status in the tech industry. And for many investors, the initial takeaway appears to be that what's bad for Apple is bad for tech.

    SEE ALSO: Apple is partially blaming weak iPhone sales on customers taking advantage of the $30 battery replacement offer

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    Lara_Kollab_ _Canary_Mission

    • The Cleveland Clinic confirmed on Monday that a resident who posted anti-Semitic messages online is no longer employed by the prestigious medical center.
    • Between 2011 and 2017, Dr. Lara Kollab posted several anti-Semitic remarks online including one in which she reportedly said she would "purposely give all the [Jews] the wrong meds."
    • The comments were first reported by Canary Mission, an organization that tracks individuals and organizations who "promote hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews on North American college campuses."

    The Cleveland Clinic confirmed on Monday that a medical resident who was outed for tweeting anti-Semitic posts is no longer employed by the prestigious hospital.

    The hospital wouldn't say directly whether Dr. Lara Kollab was fired for the racist tweets, but its statement said it "was recently made aware of comments posted to social media by a former employee" and that "she is no longer working at Cleveland Clinic."

    "In no way do these beliefs reflect those of our organization," the Cleveland Clinic added in its statement. "We fully embrace diversity, inclusion and a culture of safety and respect across our entire health system."

    Kollab worked as a supervised resident at the hospital from July to September of 2018, the clinic said.

    Her racist tweets were first made public by Canary Mission, a website that doxes individuals and organizations that express anti-Semitic and pro-Palestinian sentiments.

    The website mined the physician's social media profile for dozens of such tweets, all of which were written between 2011 and 2017.

    Perhaps the most shocking was one that Canary Mission documented was written in January 2012, in which she promised to "purposely give all the yahood [Jews] the wrong meds."

    Read more:Anti-Jewish hate crimes increased by 37% in 2017, according to a new FBI report

    According to her LinkedIn page that Canary Mission documented before it was deleted, Kollab went to medical school at the Jewish-founded Touro College in New York City. In 2013, she complained that it was "annoying to go to school in a city full of Jews because everywhere I go I hear about the wonderful [I]srael," according to Canary Mission.

    In other tweets, she reportedly downplayed the Holocaust and expresseed support for pro-Palestine groups.

    "I don't mean to sound insensitive but I have a REALLY hard time feeling bad about [the] Holocaust seeing as the ppl who were in it now kill my ppl," she said in another tweet seen by Canary Mission.

    cleveland clinic

    Kollab's medical license, which was issued by the State Medical Board of Ohio in July, is still active, according to public records The Cleveland Plain Dealer reviewed.

    "Her certificate is valid as long as the individual is actively part of the program which was indicated on the training certificate application by the supervising entity," Tessie Pollock, the board's director of communications, told Fox News. "It is the Mission of the State Medical Board of Ohio to protect the health and safety of all Ohioans. Malicious acts and attitudes toward any population go against the Medical Practices Act and are denounced by the board."

    INSIDER reached out to Kollab for comment on Wednesday but did not receive a response.

    There has been a marked increase in anti-Semitism in the US. In February, the Anti-Defamation League released a report showing a 60% increase in anti-Semitic incidents in 2017 over 2016.

    It was the largest single-year increase on record and the second-highest number the ADL reported since the organization started tracking such incidents in the 1970s.

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    pure barre

    • INSIDER asks experts if barre is an effective workout.
    • Experts say that three-four barre classes per week are recommended for optimal results.
    • If it works for you, experts say it can be a good workout for beginners. 

    Taking a barre class can certainly be intimidating. Between the small pulses, bends, squats and stands, accented with two or three-pound weights, there is a lot to keep track of. 

    But is a 50-minute workout routine combining "little bend, extends,""tucks" and small pulses actually healthy? INSIDER asked the experts for guidance.

    First off, what is barre?

    You may have heard your friends talking about barre class or tucking grippy socks into their bags, but if you've never been to a barre class, it can be shrouded in mystery. 

    Of course, every barre class will be slightly different, but generally, barre class consists of small movements, done next to or on a ballet barre, as well as a mat. The movements are designed to target and strengthen areas of your body that other exercises may not necessarily do. 


    By design, Barre Classes, "isolate, sculpt and strengthen every major muscle group in the body through small, low impact, targeted movements inspired by dance, yoga, and pilates," explained Rachelle Reed, barre Kinesiologist with Pure Barre.

    If you don't normally separate your exercise routine into "arms days" and "legs days" and cardio days, this all-encompassing workout can be a major plus, and Reed, points out, you don’t actually need any dance or fitness experience to start a barre routine: All barre classes can be adapted to various fitness levels, ages and shapes. The goal being to"work toward achieving a toned, dancer-like physique through simple positioning and movements."

    pure barre

    Barre class can be a good option for beginners and is generally low-impact

    Dr. Michael Smith told WebMD that because of the small movements, this type of workout can be a good option for those who are just starting to craft their workout routine. 

    "Barre fitness is ideal if you’re just getting into exercise," Smith told WebMD. "The classes will improve your balance, build strength, make you more flexible, burn calories, and improve stability through a stronger core."

    Even if you struggle at first, it will get easier, Reed said.

    "After each barre class, you’ll experience some acute health benefits of exercise, like improved feelings of energy, reduced blood pressure, increased joint mobility, and a clearer mind. After a couple months of regular attendance, you’ll start to notice some positive changes in your body, including improved muscular strength, better flexibility, weight management, reduced feelings of stress and anxiety, lower risk for chronic diseases, and improved sleep," Reed said.

    She notes some clients do barre up to six times per week, though three-four days in studio are recommended, with at least one rest day per week.  

    "Giving your body rest between strength training is important to allow for optimal muscle recovery," Reed said. On off days, Reed suggests going for athletic walks or finding another way of moving for at least half an hour each day.

    To avoid injury, Physical therapist Jennifer Monreal also recommends ensuring you have enough time to stretch, asking instructors to check your alignment, and, of course, knowing your limits and not pushing through too much pain. Those with specific injuries or joint problems should request modified routines.

    Experts seem to agree barre is healthy (at least healthier than going to a bar)

    pure barre

    Several personal trainers INSIDER asked about the health benefits of barre said it was healthy, though they noted that it was a "beginners" exercise class.

    While there are certainly better workouts for some people, exercise and personal wellness is determined on a case by case basis. If it works for you, it works for you.

    If barre is the only workout class that’s getting you to use your yoga pants for more than binge-watching, then yes, experts seem to agree that it’s healthy.

    Visit INSIDER's homepage for more.

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    • After a shaky start, wearables like smartwatches and fitness trackers have gained traction in healthcare, with US consumer use jumping from 9% in 2014 to 33% in 2018.
    • More than 80% of consumers are willing to wear tech that measures health data — and penetration should continue to climb.
    • The maturation of the wearable market will put more wearables in the hands of consumers and US businesses.

    The US healthcare industry as it exists today is not sustainable. An aging patient population and rising burden of chronic disease have caused healthcare costs to skyrocket and left providers struggling to keep up with demand for care. 

    FORECAST: Fitness Tracker and Health-Based Wearable Installed Base

    Meanwhile, digital technologies in nearly every consumer experience outside of healthcare have raised patients’ expectations for good service to be higher than ever.

    One of the key mechanisms through which healthcare providers can finally evolve their outdated practices and exceed these expectations is wearable technology.

    Presently, 33% of US consumers have adopted wearables, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, to play a more active role in managing their health. In turn, insurers, providers, and employers are poised to become just as active leveraging these devices – and the data they capture – to abandon the traditional reimbursement model and improve patient outcomes with personalized, value-based care.

    Adoption is going to keep climbing, as more than 80% of consumers are willing to wear tech that measures health data, according to Accenture — though they have reservations about who exactly should access it.

    A new report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service, follows the growing adoption of wearables and breadth of functions they offer to outline how healthcare organizations and stakeholders can overcome this challenge and add greater value with wearable technology.

    For insurers, providers, and employers, wearables present three distinct opportunities:

    • Insurers can use wearable data to enhance risk assessments and drive customer lifetime value. One study shows that wearables can incentivize healthier behavior associated with a 30% reduction in risk of cardiovascular events and death.
    • Providers can use the remote patient monitoring capabilities of wearable technology to improve chronic disease management, lessen the burden of staff shortages, and navigate a changing reimbursement model. And since 90% of patients no longer feel obligated to stay with providers that don't deliver a satisfactory digital experience, wearables could help to attract and retain them.
    • Employers can combine wearables with cash incentives to lower insurance costs and improve employee productivity. For example, The Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority yielded $5 million in healthcare cost savings through a wearable-based employee wellness program.

    Want to Learn More?

    The Wearables in US Healthcare Report details the current and future market landscape of wearables in the US healthcare sector. It explores the key drivers behind wearable usage by insurers, healthcare providers, and employers, and the opportunities wearables afford to each of these stakeholders. 

    By outlining a successful case study from each stakeholder, the report highlights best practices in implementing wearables to reduce healthcare claims, improve patient outcomes, and drive insurance cost savings, as well as how the evolution of the market will create new, untapped opportunities for businesses.



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    This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here. Current subscribers can read the report here.

    trust smart speaker makersSmart speakers comprise one of the fastest-growing device segments in the consumer technology market today. Ownership levels have nearly doubled from early 2017 to summer 2018. 

    With this rapid growth, there are a few pivotal questions that both companies looking to develop and sell smart speakers as well as those looking to sell products, deliver media, and offer access to services like banking over these devices need answers to in order to craft successful strategies. In particular, they need to know who is and isn’t buying smart speakers, and what consumers who own smart speakers are actually doing with them. 

    To offer these stakeholders insight, Business Insider Intelligence asked more than 500 US consumers about their knowledge of smart speakers, the devices they do or don’t own and what led them to their purchase decisions, as well as the tasks they’re using their smart speakers for.

    In this report, Business Insider Intelligence will look at the state of the smart speaker market and outline how each of the major device providers approaches the space. We will then focus on the key factors that affect whether or not someone owns one of these devices. Next, we will use our survey data to outline the reasons why people don’t own devices in order to offer guidance for who to target and how. Finally, we will discuss what consumers are actually doing with their smart speakers — specifically looking at how the devices are used and perceived in e-commerce, digital media, and banking — which can help companies determine how well they’re publicizing their smart speaker services and capabilities.

    The companies mentioned in this report are: Amazon, Google, Apple, Samsung, Facebook, Sonos, LG, Anker, Spotify, Pandora, Grubhub, Netflix, Hulu, Instagram, Snap.

    Here are some key takeaways from the report:

    • Despite their growing popularity, nearly half of respondents still don't own a device — which presents a long runway for adoption. Our survey data reveals a number of key factors that impact whether or not someone owns one of these devices, including income, gender, and age.
    • Smart speakers are establishing themselves as a key platform for e-commerce, media, and the smart home.
    • The introduction of a screen to some smart speakers will expand the possibilities for companies developing for the device — but developers will need to resist the compulsion to use speakers to accomplish too much.

    In full, the report:

    • Provides an overview of the key players and products in the smart speaker market.
    • Highlights critical adoption rates broken out by key factors that define the segment.
    • Identifies how consumers are using devices in important areas where companies in various industries are trying foster greater use of the voice interface.

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    eSports Advertising and Sponsorships

    This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here.

    What is eSports? History & Rise of Video Game Tournaments

    Years ago, eSports was a community of video gamers who would gather at conventions to play Counter Strike, Call of Duty, or League of Legends.

    These multiplayer video game competitions would determine League of Legends champions, the greatest shooters in Call of Duty, the cream of the crop of Street Fighter players, the elite Dota 2 competitors, and more.

    But today, as the history of eSports continue to unfold, media giants such as ESPN and Turner are broadcasting eSports tournaments and competitions. And in 2014, Amazon acquired Twitch, the live streaming video platform that has been and continues to be the leader in online gaming broadcasts. And YouTube also wanted to jump on the live streaming gaming community with the creation of YouTube Gaming.

    eSports Market Growth Booming

    To put in perspective how big eSports is becoming, a Google search for "lol" does not produce "laughing out loud" as the top result. Instead, it points to League of Legends, one of the most popular competitive games in existence. The game has spawned a worldwide community called the League of Legends Championship Series, more commonly known as LCS or LOL eSports.

    What started as friends gathering in each other's homes to host LAN parties and play into the night has become an official network of pro gaming tournaments and leagues with legitimate teams, some of which are even sponsored and have international reach. Organizations such as Denial, AHQ, and MLG have multiple eSports leagues.

    And to really understand the scope of all this, consider that the prize pool for the latest Dota 2 tournament was more than $20 million.

    Websites even exist for eSports live scores to let people track the competitions in real time if they are unable to watch. There are even fantasy eSports leagues similar to fantasy football, along with the large and growing scene of eSports betting and gambling.

    So it's understandable why traditional media companies would want to capitalize on this growing trend just before it floods into the mainstream. Approximately 300 million people worldwide tune in to eSports today, and that number is growing rapidly. By 2020, that number will be closer to 500 million.

    eSports Industry Analysis - The Future of the Competitive Gaming Market

    Financial institutions are starting to take notice. Goldman Sachs valued eSports at $500 million in 2016 and expects the market will grow at 22% annually compounded over the next three years into a more than $1 billion opportunity.

    And industry statistics are already backing this valuation and demonstrating the potential for massive earnings. To illustrate the market value, market growth, and potential earnings for eSports, consider Swedish media company Modern Times Group's $87 million acquisition of Turtle Entertainment, the holding company for ESL. YouTube has made its biggest eSports investment to date by signing a multiyear broadcasting deal with Faceit to stream the latter's Esports Championship Series. And the NBA will launch its own eSports league in 2018.

    Of course, as with any growing phenomenon, the question becomes: How do advertisers capitalize? This is especially tricky for eSports because of its audience demographics, which is young, passionate, male-dominated, and digital-first. They live online and on social media, are avid ad-blockers, and don't watch traditional TV or respond to conventional advertising.

    So what will the future of eSports look like? How high can it climb? Could it reach the mainstream popularity of baseball or football? How will advertisers be able to reach an audience that does its best to shield itself from advertising?

    Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, has compiled an unparalleled report on the eSports ecosystem that dissects the growing market for competitive gaming. This comprehensive, industry-defining report contains more than 30 charts and figures that forecast audience growth, average revenue per user, and revenue growth.

    Companies and organizations mentioned in the report include: NFL, NBA, English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, NHL, Paris Saint-Germain, Ligue 1, Ligue de Football, Twitch, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, ESPN, Electronic Arts, EA Sports, Valve, Riot Games, Activision Blizzard, ESL, Turtle Entertainment, Dreamhack, Modern Times Group, Turner Broadcasting, TBS Network, Vivendi, Canal Plus, Dailymotion, Disney, BAMTech, Intel, Coca Cola, Red Bull, HTC, Mikonet

    Here are some eSports industry facts and statistics from the report:

    • eSports is a still nascent industry filled with commercial opportunity.
    • There are a variety of revenue streams that companies can tap into.
    • The market is presently undervalued and has significant room to grow.
    • The dynamism of this market distinguishes it from traditional sports.
    • The audience is high-value and global, and its numbers are rising.
    • Brands can prosper in eSports by following the appropriate game plan.
    • Game publishers approach their Esport ecosystems in different ways.  
    • Successful esport games are comprised of the same basic ingredients.
    • Digital streaming platforms are spearheading the popularity of eSports.
    • Legacy media are investing into eSports, and seeing encouraging results.
    • Traditional sports franchises have a clear opportunity to seize in eSports.
    • Virtual and augmented reality firms also stand to benefit from eSports.  

    In full, the report illuminates the business of eSports from four angles:

    • The gaming nucleus of eSports, including an overview of popular esport genres and games; the influence of game publishers, and the spectrum of strategies they adopt toward their respective esport scenes; the role of eSports event producers and the tournaments they operate.
    • The eSports audience profile, its size, global reach, and demographic, psychographic, and behavioral attributes; the underlying factors driving its growth; why they are an attractive target for brands and broadcasters; and the significant audience and commercial crossover with traditional sports.
    • eSports media broadcasters, including digital avant-garde like Twitch and YouTube, newer digital entrants like Facebook and traditional media outlets like Turner’s TBS Network, ESPN, and Canal Plus; their strategies and successes in this space; and the virtual reality opportunity.
    • eSports market economics, with a market sizing, growth forecasts, and regional analyses; an evaluation of the eSports spectacle and its revenue generators, some of which are idiosyncratic to this industry; strategic planning for brand marketers, with case studies; and an exploration of the infinite dynamism and immense potential of the eSports economy.

    Subscribe to an All-Access pass to Business Insider Intelligence and gain immediate access to:

    This report and more than 250 other expertly researched reports
    Access to all future reports and daily newsletters
    Forecasts of new and emerging technologies in your industry
    And more!
    Learn More

    Purchase & download the full report from our research store

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    Cover NewYearsEve_Morocco_Desert_Rave (3 of 50)

    • After years spending New Year’s in New York City at bar crawls, house parties, and underground raves, I was determined to find a New Year’s Eve party while visiting Morocco that would blow the bash in Times Square out of the water.
    • I scoured the internet and found out there was an all-night dance party arranged by Moroccan electronic music partiers RAK Electronik in the Agafay Desert, a lunar landscape just an hour outside of Marrakesh. I bought tickets.
    • With just 130 attendees and music blasting all night amidst a stunning landscape, this New Year’s Eve bash was one I won’t soon forget.

    Every year, I scramble for something to do come New Year’s Eve. Living in New York City, as I have for the last seven years, can be a bit exhausting around that time of year.

    There’s the huge expectation that you want to do something cool and the crushing realization that all the bars cost hundreds of dollars a person. Some years, I’ve pushed myself to do a bar crawl at the few free bars in Brooklyn or, when I’ve gotten lucky, some far-out underground party. But most of the time, New Year’s means a few friends over while watching the ball drop in Times Square on the television.

    This year, I wanted to go big. I had plans to be in Morocco and I figured there must be something interesting happening. Cue a montage of me frantically scouring the internet.

    On Resident Advisor, every raver’s favorite website, I found out that Moroccan electronic music outfit RAK Electronik had arranged an all-night dance party at a luxury camp in the Agafay Desert, a lunar landscape just an hour outside of Marrakech. A few friends and I bought tickets.

    It blew any of my New Year’s Eves in New York City out of the water. Here’s what it was like:

    SEE ALSO: We partied at the exclusive, sexy Hong Kong party with the art world’s elite on a 62,000-square-foot floating restaurant — here’s what it was like

    The party was held in the Agafay Desert, a hilly lunar landscape about an hour outside of Marrakesh. It’s a popular spot for Moroccans to head to on the weekends for horseback riding, riding ATVs, or just staring at the stars.

    There are a number of camps you can stay at in the area, but the RAK Electronik party was being held at the Agafay Desert Luxury Camp. It seemed to be further into the desert than most camps. You could see the stunning Atlas mountain range in the distance.

    Agafay Desert Luxury Camp

    Tickets to the event weren’t cheap at $80 and up, depending on your tent setup. But I’m used to paying through the nose to stand in a crowded bar in New York City for as much money or more. And don’t get me started on Times Square.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Eleven Jane stranger things 2 bed

    • "Stranger Things 3" arrives on Netflix this coming July 4. 
    • In a new teaser video, the message "when blue and yellow meet in the west" was on a  computer screen.
    • This same phrase was found in Morse code inside the "Official Behind-The-Scenes Companion" book released last fall.
    • The phrase could refer to the blue and yellow hands of the clock in Starcourt Mall, a new location in the coming season seen in another teaser video
    • The final episode of "Stranger Things 3" is called "The Battle of Starcourt," which makes some fans believe the hidden morse code clues are related to a big showdown in the season finale.


    Netflix announced the official release date of "Stranger Things" season three in a New Year's Eve teaser video. The clip began with old footage from "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" in 1985 — the year "Stranger Things 3" will take place. Fake signal interruptions showed the screen of an older computer terminal, and the phrase "when blue and yellow meet in the west."

    Fans on the "Stranger Things" subreddit were quick to notice that same word set had been inside the official "Behind-The-Scenes Companion" book released in October 2018. The book comes with an international morse code pocket signal disk, and people realized there were morse code messages sprinkled throughout the text

    Two of those phrases appeared in the New Year's Eve teaser, indicating the book's foreshadowing of events to come on the third season of "Stranger Things." 

    "When Blue and Yellow Meet in the West"

    Stranger Things 3 New Year's Eve teaser terminal screen When Blue And Yellow Meet In The West

    The first of these is the phrase "when blue and yellow meet in the west." The way it appears, with rows of changing number and letters, makes it seem like a decoded message. As many people have discussed on the "Stranger Things" subreddit, this is likely linked to the Starcourt Mall.

    Last summer, Netflix released a fake commercial for the new Starcourt Mall in Hawkins, Indiana (where "Stranger Things" takes place). A brief shot of in the mall showed a clock with one yellow hand and one blue hand. Could this be what the message is alluding to? 

    Starcourt Mall teaser Stranger Things 3

    Perhaps the message is signaling a time and location for an event to occur. For example, at 9:45 both the hands would be pointing to the place where "west" would be if the clock were a compass.

    Others pointed out that the newly released poster, with the tagline "one summer can change everything," shows Eleven wearing a blue top and Mike wearing yellow. It's likely the pair of them will be at the center of whatever mania happens this season, so their costumes could be a tie-in to this event as well.

    Stranger Things 3 poster Netflix July 4

    The link between the video message and Starcourt Mall is also strengthened by the revelation of the "Stranger Things 3" episode titles. As announced by Netflix in December, the final episode of the season is called "The Battle of Starcourt." This makes it clear we can expect a showdown, possibly similar to Eleven's face off with the Mindflayer in last seasons finale "The Gate."

    The Silver Cat Feeds

    Next in the teaser came another terminal screen, this time showing someone typing a command to run a program called SilverCatFeeds.exe, which might be connected to the "Lynx Corp." shown at the top of the screen.

    Stranger Things 3 New Year's Eve teaser terminal screen

    Silver Cat Feeds Stranger Things 3 teaser

    "The silver cat feeds" was another one of the morse coded messages found by fans inside the "Stranger Things" companion book. Since the terminal text also references Lynx Corp. multiple times, we believe this new mysterious company is connected to both the program file being run (which could be a virus) and the "blue and yellow" message. 

    And both of these clues could also be linked to another reference we spotted in the Starcourt Mall teaser last year. Both seasons of "Stranger Things" so far have made references to the Cold War and Russian spy interests. In a shot of a bookstore, the Starcourt Mall video showed a window display for Tom Clancy's 1984 Cold War spy novel "The Hunt for Red October."

    Read more: A goofy new 'Stranger Things' mall teaser might have a very serious clue about a Russian subplot for season three

    Eleven Russian Spy Stranger Things season one E5

    When Eleven was first trained to use her powers by Dr. Brenner, he had her find and listen to a man speaking Russian. On the second season, conspiracy theorist Murray Bauman alluded to Russian spies when he was piecing together the clues about Eleven and Hawkins Lab. 

    On top of all this, the Russian word for "Eleven" was also among the glitched footage in the New Year's eve video.

    So. A battle at the Starcourt Mall, mysterious coded messages, Cold War references, and Eleven looking extremely concerned once more at the sight of something surely supernatural. Fans can expect "Stranger Things 3" to be anything but boring. 

    "Stranger Things 3" premieres on July 4 on Netflix. For a closer look at the biggest details you might have missed on last season of "Stranger Things," read more here. Watch the full New Year's Eve video teaser below.


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    NOW WATCH: Bernie Madoff was arrested 10 years ago today — here's what his life is like in prison

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    This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here. Current subscribers can read the report here.

    US Patients Are Foregoing Traditional Hospital Services for Urgent and Retail Care Clinics

    The consumerization of healthcare — a fundamental shift in patients’ preferences, behaviors, and demands around healthcare services — is threatening hospitals' bottom lines. For the first time, patients are transforming from passive recipients of healthcare services to active participants in their own health. They're flocking to online review sites to choose which doctor to see, skipping hospital visits in favor of a health clinic in their local CVS, and aren't afraid to ditch providers that don't offer them an engaging experience.

    The superior customer service expectations of millennials, declines in hospital profitability, and threats from startup providers and retail pharmacies intensify the need for providers to revamp the patient experience. Providers' current engagement capabilities are weak, and deficiencies around scheduling, appointment wait times, and billing are dragging on patient satisfaction, driving patients elsewhere and draining provider revenue.

    In this report, Business Insider Intelligence explores the trends that are driving providers to revamp their care services. We then outline how patients' expectations for transparency, convenience, and access are transforming the way they interact with providers across each stage of care. Finally, we detail strategies health systems and hospitals can implement to create a consumer-centric patient experience that fosters satisfaction, loyalty, and patient volume. 

    The companies mentioned in this report are: 98point6, BayCare, Cleveland Clinic, CVS, Integris, Kaiser Permanente, Luma Health, New York-Presbyterian, One Medical, Publix, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, Yelp, and Zocdoc.

    Here are some of the key takeaways from the report:

    • The consumerization of healthcare is redefining how consumers engage with providers across each stage of care. 
    • But the vast majority of healthcare providers haven’t sufficiently altered their services to align with current patient expectations. Only 8% of US hospitals and health systems demonstrate strong consumer-centric performance, per a 2018 Kaufman Hall survey.
    • Failure to react to patient preferences hurts provider organizations’ bottom lines. US hospital profit margins are already thinning, and an emerging reimbursement model that ties a portion of providers' compensation to patient satisfaction means providers can't afford to preserve the status quo. 
    • Alternative players with consumer-focused healthcare services threaten to poach patients from traditional health systems. Tech-focused primary care startups, like One Medical and 98point6, and retail outlets, like Target, Walmart, and CVS, offer patients on-demand access to healthcare providers via mobile apps and convenient locations to receive healthcare services, drawing them away from incumbent health systems.
    • In order to retain patients — and keep them from straying to alternative care services — providers must transform their services with an emphasis on transparency, access, and ongoing engagement outside of the clinic. 
    • Healthcare providers that tailor their services to the new healthcare consumer will be well positioned to see growth. Alternatively, businesses that don’t implement these changes could find themselves falling behind the rest of the industry or closing their doors for good.

    In full, the report:

    • Details how patient behavior, preferences, and expectations have changed.
    • Outlines the demographic and industry trends that should add a sense of urgency for providers to revamp the patient experience.
    • Summarizes how the patient experience providers currently offer isn't conducive to loyalty and is likely driving patients to nonhospital services.
    • Explains strategies health systems and hospitals can implement to create a consumer-centric patient experience that fosters satisfaction, loyalty, and patient volume. 
    • Offers examples of provider organizations that have successfully adopted new strategies to encourage patient-doctor communication, improve satisfaction, and drive scheduling capacity.


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    Mitt Romney

    • Incoming Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah has doubled down on Wednesday's scathing critique of US President Donald Trump, refusing to say if Trump is worth endorsing for the 2020 presidential election.
    • Romney told CNN on Wednesday that he would be looking at "the alternatives" before making a decision.
    • Romney turned many heads with his withering assessment of Trump's fitness for the highest office in the country, just months before the 2016 election.
    • The incoming US senator added that he would not make another run for the White House in 2020.

    Incoming Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah has added to his critique of US President Donald Trump, by leaving open the possibility that he may not endorse the sitting president for the White House in 2020.

    Romney told CNN on Wednesday that he would be looking at “the alternatives” before backing the president ahead of the 2020 presidential election, after writing an opinion piece in The Washington Post that lamented the president's character and his performance as the nation's moral pivot.

    The in-house tiff at the top of the GOP escalated on Wednesday when Trump used a 90-minute sit-in with members of the press and his cabinet to fire back at the former presidential candidate.

    In the opinion column published Tuesday, Romney wrote: "It is well known that Donald Trump was not my choice for the Republican presidential nomination. After he became the nominee, I hoped his campaign would refrain from resentment and name-calling."

    "It did not," he said.

    In a nutshell, Trump’s behavior and particularly his actions in December are proof "that the president has not risen to the mantle of the office," Romney's op-ed reads.

    In return, the president wondered aloud during his cabinet meeting about Romney's loyalty to the GOP.

    "I don’t know if he’s going to become a team player. I hope he does," Trump said. "If he does, it will be better for him I think people are upset with what he did," Trump said.

    Regardless, Romney told CNN that as senator, he would "vote with my conscience," and not according to presidential instruction or party line.

    He also dismissed the possibility of running for the White House again in 2020.

    "I’ve had that experience," Romney said." And, by the way, I acknowledge the president was successful. And I was not."

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    NOW WATCH: MSNBC host Chris Hayes thinks President Trump's stance on China is 'not at all crazy'

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    This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence,  Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here.

    mobile banking features

    In recent years, we've seen a ballooning of activity in fintech — an expansive term applied to technology-driven disruptions in financial services. And 2018 has been no different, with fintechs' staggering influence on the market evidenced by record funding levels for the industry — by Q3 2018, overall funding was already up 82% from 2017’s total figure, according to CB Insights.

    Additionally, this year marked a watershed moment for the industry, with the once clear distinction between fintechs and financial services proper now blurred significantly. Virtually every incumbent financial institution (FI) is now looking inward and engaging in an innovation drive, spurred on by competition from fintechs. As such, incumbents are now actively investing in, acquiring, and collaborating with their fintech rivals.

    In this report, Business Insider Intelligence details recent developments in fintech funding and regulation that are defining the environment these startups operate in. We also examine the business model changes being employed among different categories of fintechs as they strive to embed themselves further in mainstream finance and prove sustainability. Finally, we consider which elements of the fintech industry are rapidly rubbing off on incumbent financial services providers, and what the future of fintech will look like.

    The companies mentioned in this report are: Funding Circle, GreenSky, Transferwise, Ant Financial, Nubank, Cellulant, Oscar Health, Stripe, One97, UiPath, LianLian Pay,, Gusto, Toast, PingPong, Flywire, Deposit Solutions, Root, Robinhood, Atom, N26, Revolut, OneConnect, PolicyBazaar, WeCash, Zurich, OneDegree, Dinghy, Vouch Insurance, Laka, Cleo, Ernit, Monzo, Moneybox, Bud, Tandem, Starling, Varo Money, Square, ING, Chase, AmEx, Amazon, Monese, Betterment, Tiller Investments, West Hill Capital, Square, Ameritrade, JPMorgan, eToro, Lendy, OnDeck, Ripple, Quorom, Chain, Coinbase, Fidelity, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Bank of America, TransferGo, Klarna, Western Union, Veriff, Royal Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Canada, Facebook, ThreatMetrix, Relx, Entersekt, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Gemalto, Lloyd's of London, Kingdom Trust, Aviva, Symbility LINK, eTrade, Allianz, AXA, Broadridge, TD Bank, First Republic Bank, BBVA Compass, Capital One, Silicon Valley Bank, Credit Suisse, Ally, Goldman Sachs.

    Here are some of the key takeaways from the report:

    • Fintech funding has already reached new highs globally in 2018, with overall funding hitting $32.6 billion at the end of Q3.
    • Some new regions, including South America and Africa, are emerging on the fintech scene.
    • We've seen considerable scaling in older corners of the fintech ecosystem, including among neobanks and alt lenders.
    • Some fintechs, including a number of insurtechs, have dipped into new markets to escape heightened competition.
    • Emergent areas like blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT), as well as digital identity, are gaining traction.
    • Many incumbents are undertaking business transformations that aim to reimagine everything from products and services to front-end systems and back-end processes.

     In full, the report:

    • Details the funding and regulatory landscape in the US, Europe, and Asia.
    • Gives an overview into a number of fintech segments and how they've changed over the past year.
    • Discusses how incumbents are reacting to fintechs in order to stay relevant in the changing financial services sector.
    • Evaluates what the future of fintech will look like and what trends to look out for in the coming year.

    Subscribe to a Premium pass to Business Insider Intelligence and gain immediate access to:

    This report and more than 250 other expertly researched reports
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    Nancy Pelosi

    • Likely incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Democrats will not give President Donald Trump funding for his desired wall along the US southern border.
    • "No, no," Pelosi says in a tweeted clip from an interview with the "TODAY" show. "Nothing for the wall."
    • The interview will air on Thursday — which is both day 13 of a partial government shutdown that has centered around funding for the wall, and the day that the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives.

    Likely incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Democrats will not give President Donald Trump funding for his desired wall along the US southern border.

    "No, no," Pelosi says in a tweeted clip from an interview with the "TODAY" show. "Nothing for the wall."

    Pelosi was responding to a question from anchor Savannah Guthrie, who asked if Democrats were "willing to come up and give him some of this money for the wall?"

    "Because apparently that's the sticking point," Guthrie says.

    Pelosi said Democrats would give money for "border security" but not a wall.

    The interview will air on Thursday — which is both day 13 of a partial government shutdown that has centered around funding for the wall, and the day that the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives.


    The partial government shutdown began after no deal was reached by the end of December 21. President Trump said he would not sign a stopgap continuing resolution to fund part of the government until February 8.

    The Senate passed the stopgap bill with the understanding that the president would sign it, however, after criticism from those on his base, Trump changed course. House Republicans — before giving up their majority — passed a spending bill with $5.7 billion for the wall. That bill, however, does not have the 60 votes in the Senate needed to pass.

    Read more:Trump rants about the government shutdown, stock market 'glitches,' Tom Cruise, and more during wild Cabinet meeting

    As Business Insider's Bob Bryan reported, around 75% of the government was funded through a series of bills passed prior to the wall-related impasse (five of 12 were passed). However, nine federal agencies were not funded, impacting roughly 800,000 federal workers; 420,000 must work without pay, while the rest are furloughed until the shutdown is over. The shutdown, which was the third of 2018 (and spilled over into 2019), is affecting national monuments in Washington, DC and national parks around the country.

    On Wednesday, Trump met with Democratic and Republican congressional leaders, but no deal was made.

    On January 3, the Democrats take control of the House, and on Monday they unveiled bills that would open the government but not provide funding for the border wall. Trump asked leaders to meet again on Friday.

    SEE ALSO: Trump and Democrats dig in their heels as the partial government shutdown extends into the new year with no end in sight

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    NOW WATCH: MSNBC host Chris Hayes thinks President Trump's stance on China is 'not at all crazy'

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